Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme denies overdose and heart attack from a hotel in Mexico

Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme.

Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme.

Photo: BRIDGET BENNETT. /AFP/Getty Images

The vocalist of the group Firm Group, Eduin Cazhad to be transferred to a hospital during a concert he gave in Sun of Mexico Forum last Friday, where they were a full house for five shows. Of course, the fans were worried about the singer’s health and he himself had to step out and debunk alleged overdose and heart attack rumors that, according to account, they said on social networks.

“They are saying no that I eat a heart attack or something like that. No, that didn’t happen to me. It is not true that they have contact with people on my team and, if so, tell me what their names are so I can run them because they are giving wrong information. And also look on other pages about overdose… I don’t use drugs, I like to drink… Don’t be fooled by what people say. That’s why I’m explaining them to you right now and nothing else…”, was the most forceful part of the message from Eduin Caz on Instagram he did while resting from a hotel in Mexico, after appearing with Firm Group.

The singer gave a very good explanation to his fans in Instagram: “There is a lot of gossip, a lot of misinformation about what happened to me yesterday… Well, today at dawn… On Friday it rained… It hailed… We don’t like to cancel concerts and I said: -No, you can’t cancel- It was very stressful and I was in bad shape. I enjoyed it to the fullest and I drank a lot, a lot… I was kind of upset, well… I was angry and I couldn’t concentrate well. I wasn’t there and what happened was that I got drunk, very drunk on Friday… If they left a while ago… They know I have a hiatal hernia and they told me that I have to control the socket. It’s more until I canceled it and that day I completely forgot… On Friday I took about 3, 4 shots of 10 seconds and I ended up drunk and burning… and with diarrhea and before the show I drank, but I drank for joy… I was very happy and so I went back to drinking but I had medicine and I left the show and there is a lady who makes us eat… And we were in the kitchen, commando, birria, everything, but it was heartburn… But more heartburn and I ate it was too much for me body. I finished dinner and he came to the hotel…. other friends were on their way that I had invited to spend time with my family…. I got to the hotel and heartburn hit me like in my heart and back. I fell, I collapsed… I felt everything hot… As if they set me on fire. I couldn’t stand it and I faded…”, added the member of Firm Group, Eduin Caz.

Also showing, he showed some bottles of champagne and tequila that he could not drink to celebrate the great success of the band of regional mexican, then the latest successes harvested. Especially the one from two weeks ago when they put the entire public Coachella 2022. Now, this oversight of Eduin Caz It will lead him to start a long and strict treatment again in which, as he explained, he cannot drink coffee, eat flour, or take his nutritional supplements. In addition he will have to undergo new studies in the stomach. Fortunately, the Mexican is out of danger and this was nothing more than a good scare for him, his family and of course the fans of Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme and his wife show off their great bodies in Hawaii.

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