Eduin Caz gives a heart-rending performance in Los Angeles following grandmother’s passing

Overcoming sorrow, Eduin Caz demonstrates strength and dedication during his recent concert amidst family loss.

Eduin Caz showed that he is still standing and faithful to please his fans in the presentations he has scheduled in the United States as part of his “Enfiestados y Amanecidos” tour because even though last weekend he experienced one of the saddest losses, he continued with the event he was in Los Angeles.

The singer performed at the SoFI Stadium in Los Angeles, California, where they gathered 70 thousand people. Although it was a day to be happy, during the show, he received the news of the death of his grandmother Tomasa, so the vocalist and all the members of Grupo Firme offered the audience the best of times, even though they were not having a very good time.

On his official Instagram account, Eduin Caz uploaded photos and videos in which he is seen at the Panteón de San Martin in Culiacán. The singer took a moment during the night to go to the grave where the remains of his grandmother are. He sang several songs of Grupo Firme and held a photograph of her in his arms.

“This is where the saying THE SHOW MUST GO ON came true Some of the hardest weekends of my life. The same night I was full of joy breaking a record in the city of Los Angeles was the same night my grandmother passed away. I did my best to put on a good face and brighten up the night because that’s where you go to have fun and I think that goal was achieved,” was what he wrote first.

The singer cries from his grandmother's grave. IG/eduincaz
The singer cries from his grandmother’s grave. IG/eduincaz

He also added why he didn’t attend earlier to be with his family. “And after Chicago, such an important festival called DREAMS, and it was my turn to close the event I couldn’t cancel if I didn’t go out with all the attitude. And I tried to do the best I could. I want you to know that I am grateful for accompanying me in these important events. I LOVE YOU”, was the way he ended his message.

During the farewell at the cemetery, Daisy Anahy was with him, who also expressed a few words for her ex-husband and father of her three children. “Strong until her last moment, that we must learn from grandma, she left a big void, but because of her and for her, you will continue to be the great person you are. DEP Grandma,” said Christian’s mom-to-be.

Eduin Caz had to put on his best face at the event. IG/eduincaz
Eduin Caz had to put on his best face at the event. IG/eduincaz