Eduin Caz: how much the vocalist of Grupo Firme has changed

What happened with Eduin caz? Grupo Firme’s leader has been an example for people who want to have a healthier weight. And it is that the singer underwent a rigorous routine that surprised his fans on social networks. The celebrity of Mexico, in this way, has evolved over the years and, above all, in 2021.

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Hunters has established itself as one of the musicians most influential today. The growth of your group is remarkable, and it has not only been seen in the amount of followers that musicians have, but also in the prizes they have been winning.

The period between 2020 and 2021 has been one of the most fruitful in the music band. Because they became winners of several Premios Juventud, Lo Nuestro, IHeartRadio Music Award. But above all, with a Latin Grammy.

The last award was received in the category of Best Band Music Album with the musical production “We have fun accomplishing the impossible”. Without a doubt, everything influences the growth of Firm Group, especially what is related to the vocalist.

Edui Caz ​​with the Latin Grammy that he won with Grupo Firme. (Photo: Eduin Caz / Instagram)


Eduin caz, vocalist of Firm Group, has physically changed considerably over the years, but especially in September 2021, when he decided to make a drastic transformation with his organism.

According to local media, Hunters he first thought about having a bariatric surgery, an operation on the stomach, but then chose to follow a strict routine of healthy diet and exercises with a professional trainer.

In this way, the Mexican singer managed to lose 15 kilos in about a month. At the start of the challenge, Eduin weighed 100 kilos (around 2020 approximately). That is why he decided to change his way of life to a more balanced one, although he has not given up alcohol or tacos.

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The mexican singer Eduin caz, leader of the Firm Group, finished the race of Marketing at the Autonomous University of Baja California. The vocalist, on his official account at Instagram, announced that he already has a degree in this specialty and thanked all his relatives and fans for their support.

The artist He explained that, years ago, he had finished studying but that he only needed a few steps to complete the title process. For this reason, in 2021, he dedicated a lot of time to completing this procedure and thus, once and for all, having the degree in his hands.

And that’s how he showed it in his social networks, with Photographs in which he appears happy with his title in his hands and on the facade of the aforementioned college. His followers congratulated him and many mentioned that such knowledge can be used to continue growing his career in other areas.

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The reason that Eduin Caz would have led to delete or hide the publications he made on his Instagram account would be because he wants to renew his job, which he reflected in the photos and videos he shared again. As shown together with Maluma, with whom he will have a project.

In addition, wants to emphasize that the most important thing for him will always be his family, which is why the christening of her little girl went up, accompanied by her loved ones.

So far, the Grupo Firme vocalist has not commented on the matter, only in one of his Instagram stories did he mention that “After so much partying, he would like to calm down a bit and stop drinking”.

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Grupo Firme has received nominations for a variety of programs including: Premios Juventud and Premio Lo Nuestro, winning the latter in 2021 with five distinctions.

After a while they released other albums such as: “Boat” Y “Live From Tijuana: the Buitrones and the Firm”, The latter in collaboration with Los Buitres de Culiacán Sinaloa.

In its most recent evaluation of the music industry, Pollstar revealed that Billy Joel, Bruno Mars and Grupo Firme are the artists with the highest income so far this year in the United States, this according to information from Bandamax.

Specifically it was revealed that The “Firm Group” has an estimated income of 3 million dollars per tour, ranking third on this list.

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