Eduin Caz lashes out at those who damaged his apartment in Mazatlan

Eduin Cazknown in the world of Mexican music for being the leader and vocalist of Grupo Firme, caused controversy by revealing his anger after discovering that various items from his luxurious apartment located in his native Mazatlan, Sinaloa they had been damaged for his friends and family, to whom he lent it during the holidays.

For this reason, he shared a couple of videos on his Instagram story to claim him and show the damage in the place: “I have a very important message from my wife and me for all the family and friends who come to the city of Mazatlán; They know that I lend them my apartment, but here this is already broken, they leave me everything in a mess”.

Finally, the interpreter of ‘Ya Superame’ indicated that he is very special with his belongings, so he and his wife have made the decision to do not lend your apartment again: “I am very special and no one gave me anything, I take great care of my things, so spare me the trouble of saying no when they ask me for the apartment, I am not going to lend them to them”.

Enjoy a vacation in Cancun

The singer enjoyed a few days off with his wife in Cancun. The Mazatlan singer enjoys a great fortune thanks to the success of Grupo Firme.

This unfortunate incident comes a day after the singer vacation together his wife Daisy Anahi and their daughter Geraldine at a luxurious resort in Cancun. As long as these days do not go unnoticed, he shared a couple of photos on his Instagram account, which already exceed 394 thousand likes.

Everything seems to indicate that the Grupo Firme vocalist he was able to enjoy his rest days without any problem On this occasion, let’s remember that at the beginning of last April he had to cancel his vacation in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero due to the harassment of his fans.

How much money does Eduin Caz have?

The Mazatlan singer enjoys a great fortune thanks to the success of Grupo Firme.

According to information circulating on the Internet, which AmericanPost.News brings to you, Eduin Caz has an estimated fortune of $42 million pesoswhich has been largely forged by Grupo Firme but also thanks to its multiple and unknown businesses.

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