Eduin Caz machete injury during rehearsal for the “Hay Que Conectarla” Tour

Grupo Firme announced that their new tour "Hay que conectarla" will start in the United States and for this they have already started with the rehearsals of the new choreographies, this time they will be more complex.

On March 10 and 11, Grupo Firme closed their tour “Enfiestados y Amanecidos” in a famous venue in Mexico City, where they had great guests and made their fans vibrate with hours and hours of music.

However, both Eduin Caz and the other group members are already working on their new tour, which will start in some cities in the United States. However, during the preparation of this new series of concerts, the leader of Grupo Firme was injured and shared it on his social networks.

What happened to Eduin Caz?

Through his official account, Eduin Caz has shared some details of his new tour, which is called “Hay Que Conectarla” As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, unlike the last tour, this one will start in the United States.

As in “Enfiestados y Amanecidos,” both Eduin Caz and his brother Jhonny in this new musical tour, will present to their fans some traditional dances from certain states of the Mexican Republic.

On this occasion, the leader of Grupo Firme shared with his followers that they were already rehearsing a new choreography. This time they will present “El baile de Los Machetes,” which is traditional from Nayarit.

It is worth mentioning that experts consider this choreography as one of the most complex of the folkloric dance of our country due to the striking steps and the use of real machetes.

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One of these sharp weapons injured Eduin Caz during one of the rehearsals, as the singer showed his followers the cuts he had on his legs.

It should be noted that Eduin Caz is in perfect health, as the cuts that the singer presents are of minimal care because a small adhesive tape or a little hydrogen peroxide will heal immediately.

Will he do it with his eyes covered?

In previous paragraphs, we talked about the complexity of “La Danza de Los Machetes” because it must be danced blindfolded, in addition to the flashy steps and the use of machetes in the choreography.

Because of this, Eduin Caz is still thinking about whether he will dance in this new tour blindfolded or avoid the risk of getting hurt with the knife with which he will dance.

And the fact is that the leader of Grupo Firme, in his publication, launched the survey if they want him to dance blindfolded or not, and in sarcasm, he says that he feels like blowing off a finger. It should be noted that this last comment is only to give humor to his publication. However, Caz’s fans want the singer to take the risk and do it with the blindfold on.

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot