Eduin Caz of Grupo Firme sheds tears on stage during Tegucigalpa concert

Emotion runs high as Grupo Firme stirs fans in Tegucigalpa, while San Pedro Sula anticipates their postponed performance amidst curfew lift.

Grupo Firme’s concert in Tegucigalpa was full of music, dancing, laughter, kisses, and even tears, as the band’s vocalist, Eduin Caz, could not hold back his tears while singing one of their hits.

In one of the videos posted by fans, Eduin Cuaz can be seen crying while performing “Ya supérame.”

Eduin was elevated on a platform in the middle of the stage, where he settled down to perform his song, which received a standing ovation from the audience. As the Hondurans chanted along, Caz broke down in tears, letting the audience sing part of the hit.

Finally, the artist ended the song amidst screams and applause from the fans.

It is not yet known why the singer cried during his performance, and some media assured that it was due to the pleasure because the audience sang the song in one voice, while others think that he remembered his friend Giovani, who was kidnapped and murdered.

The show of Grupo Firme took place at the National Stadium Chelato Uclés, in Tegucigalpa, around 8:00 pm. While in the city of San Pedro Sula, the band will perform this Monday, July 24, at the Olympic Stadium.

Preparations for Grupo Firme’s show in SPS are progressing as follows

Grupo Firme’s concert in San Pedro Sula (SPS) is keeping the people of San Pedro Sula and fans of the band anxious, and as a preview of the show, the municipality of that city shared photographs of the progress of the work of setting up the stage for the show.

The show will take place this Monday, July 24, at 7:30 pm.

Initially, the date was scheduled for Thursday, July 20; however, it was canceled after the curfew was implemented in the industrial capital. However, after the curfew was lifted, the mayor of Sampedra, Roberto Contreras, reached an agreement with the event organizers so that the activity would take place on Monday.