Eduin Caz of Grupo Firme very close to Maluma and they confirm suspicions

  • Eduin Caz and Maluma appear together in a photograph
  • The leader of Grupo Firme left everyone stunned by what he did with the Colombian
  • The Mexican band is consecrating itself at its best

Eduin Caz, leader of Grupo Firme, is on the horns of the moon before the popularity of the band and now for appearing with Maluma, with whom do you have a close relationship? It seems that the Colombian “laid his eyes” on the Mexican and did not leave him alone until he got what he wanted.

Through the Instagram accounts of Eduin Caz, Maluma and other media such as ‘Chamonic’, images of the Mexican and the Colombian in a ‘suspicious attitude’ were leaked, giving people what to think about and even more so after the brother of the Grupo Firme vocalist got engaged this weekend with her boyfriend.

Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme made an impact with Maluma


First, dressed in Texan and hat, the vocalist of Grupo Firme and Maluma surprised by ‘their closeness’ and it is that no one expected them to have a relationship, but as the series of images progressed and even the video they published on their Instagram stories, it was known what ‘was behind’.

A few days after Eduin Caz’s brother got engaged to his boyfriend in the middle of a concert, it is now confirmed what Grupo Firme is doing with Maluma and that is that the Colombian fell in love with the Mexican band that asked them to perform a duet and record a video together.

Maluma causes a commotion with Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme

Grupo Firme in duet with Maluma Eduin Caz excited

While Eduin Caz dressed in a sky blue, Maluma opted for a black outfit that was very much in line with the project they have together and is that the Mexican welcomed the Colombian to make him feel ‘at home’ on the recording set of the video that will soon be launched by Grupo Firme with Hispanics.

In what seemed to be a stable or a rodeo, you can see laughter, dancing and a lot of alcohol by Grupo Firme and Maluma to make the collaboration that undoubtedly left the fans of both speculating and amazed, with the opinions of all anxious to see the final result.

They begin to dance and ‘strengthen their relationship’; Eduin Caz and Maluma with a lot of chemistry

Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme

It seems that Maluma went crazy with the band and decided to turn his career around and join forces with Grupo Firme, owners of the popularity charts at the moment and Eduin Caz agreed to give the Colombian entry and soon they will release the video of the so unexpected song they recorded together.

Through the Instagram account of ‘Chamonic’ you can read the comments of the people: “Maluma looks handsome the vdd !!!”, “Wow what a mess that people do well”, “I look forward to that great collaboration ”,“ How happy I feel for you, crazy man bursts the world with the Mexican Regional ”,“ What a macanazo ”,“ Pura lumbre ”.

What is behind the images of Maluma with Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme?

Maluma and Grupo Firme and Eduin Caz

The comments section of Eduin Caz with 5 million followers on Instagram went crazy with the images together with Maluma and everyone commented: “Something worldwide, nothing more”, “Beautiful”, “Chulada”, “Let me go out I’m dying of anxiety “,” Diosito bless me with much more blessings, they deserve that and much more. ”

“The two of them see each other with all the style”, “humility … end of story”, “My two favorite loves together”, “At the carnal peak I’m a shitty happy I know you’re ready for that and more”, “I want to hear it “,” That’s how I wanted to have them! Couple of beautiful “,” What a dog “,” How good they look together “,” Closing with all of 2021 “, commented more people.

Not everything is wonderful for the Firm Group, because would they have snubbed them?

Grupo Firme, Maluma, Eduin Caz

After triumphing at the Radio Awards and even more so at the Latin Grammy Awards, Grupo Firme has become the great group revelation in recent years and now they are on the horns of the moon, but that brings some envy and detractors, like the recent criticism of the member who got engaged to her boyfriend, but now a video of the Mexican singer Sofia Reyes has emerged calling them ¿nacos?

“Best Band Music Album” was the first Latin Grammy that Grupo Firme won in the recent ceremony in which they caused a furor and so many artists went crazy with them, however, a video from the backstage has people outraged with the Mexican singer of urban music Sofía Reyes. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF EDUIN CAZ AND THE FIRM GROUP WITH MALUMA

Grupo Firme triumphs at the Latin Grammy Awards, but did it bring you envy?

Firm Group

And it is that the magazine ‘TvNotas’, reported that in an Instagram account called ‘Chicapicosa’, you can see how an alleged member of the staff of Grupo Firme recorded an ‘uncomfortable’ moment when Sofía Reyes went to the stage to make a presentation , when the members of the popular band came down to receive their award very excited.

In the video you can see how Sofía Reyes, dressed in a very sexy low-cut metallic pink dress, was walking with her team towards the stage when the Firme Group passed to one side who are distinguished by being happy and talkative and with that attitude they sang while they were coming down from the stage when suddenly the Mexican woman insulted them?

Does Sofía Reyes rudely insult Grupo Firme?

Sofia Reyes Latin Grammy

“Like when you go with all your good vibes and the finale of Sofía Reyes passes and she says ‘ESO NACOS’. Bitter morra… ”, was what can be read in an Instagram story of the ‘Chicapicosa’ account, where information on shows is published; the video apparently sent by someone from the Grupo Firme staff.

And it is that Sofía Reyes first stares at them as they pass by and it is even interpreted that she dances somewhat in a celebratory tone with them, but next to whoever is recording her face changes and reports some words that, although they are not clear, people They assure that he called them ‘eso nacos’, hence the message of the description of the video. Filed Under: Maluma with Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme cause a commotion.

“Eso nacos”, alleged comment by Sofía Reyes against Grupo Firme, outrages her fans

Grupo Firme meets Sofía Reyes at Latin Grammy
Instagram: Chicapicosa

Although the words of Sofía Reyes are not heard very well, people interpreted her voice saying ‘Eso nacos’, which quickly generated criticism and hatred towards the Mexican singer during the Latin Grammy, however, others defend her from what They accuse her, although her body language says otherwise.

“Ay Chofissss”, “Better that I give her more desire to win her”, “Who is that?”, “And no?” ridiculous ”,“ I agree with her ”,“ Nacos, nacos but they fill more than her and that any artist and they do not offend anyone maybe that’s why they are going so far and so fast ”,“ Not who she is but she has absolutely right ”,“ They are nacos… ”, the messages appeared in the video and on the Facebook page of TvNotas. Filed Under: Maluma with Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme cause a commotion.

Nobody knows Sofía Reyes and that plays against her for the Firm Group?

Latin Grammy Sofía Reyes

The debate became so intense that some began to defend Sofía Reyes, criticizing that she was not as famous as Grupo Firme and was envious of them: “What a shame I don’t know who she is, much less them. Someone explain to me “,” They are a little bit but very good at singing their music is one of the most preferred right now “,” And what is the offense? “,” Sofía Reyes who is it? “, You can read.

“I mean, I don’t understand, sincerity is asked of people and they attack them, that is, why deny it”, “Well, it tells ALL the truth. The truth is not only uncomfortable sin, I do not see why they get angry “,” The girl does not understand anything so that they make a borlote “,” Although I do not know who that whore is either “,” Well everyone is free to say what whoever he wants ”,“ And who is Sofía Reyes and who are they that she called nacos? ”, other people said. Filed Under: Maluma with Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme cause a commotion. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Before Sofía Reyes’ ‘snub’ came out, a member of Grupo Firme received a marriage proposal from her boyfriend and was criticized

Sofía Reyes at the Latin Grammys

DID YOU RECEIVE CRITICS FOR YOUR COMMITMENT? In social networks, the moment when Jonathan Bencomo proposed to the member of Grupo Firme, Jhonny Cázares, went viral. The marriage proposal took place at Madison Square Garden where the presentation of the regional Mexican music group was held.

But, many people were not very happy about the marriage proposal that the 29-year-old received, and they were cruelly expressed by the expressions of affection that were expressed in public. The young man is the third voice in the group and brother of Eduin Cázares. So far, the only one to speak was Jonathan Bencomo thanking his partner’s fans for their love. Filed Under: Maluma with Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme cause a commotion. Some images of this note come from this and this videos

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