Eduin Caz revealed an anecdote when he was watching the Canelo fight

During an interview by Nicky Jam with Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme, the faithful followers learned one of the most shocking anecdotes that the vocalist lived. What happened to him? In American Post News, we share with you the singer’s revelations.

The reggaetonero did an interview where Eduin mentioned that they began to make themselves known in music in 2008, so the singer said that everyone had their projects, but they were friends. Over the years, they decided to join and create the group in 2015.

They also commented in the interview that they like to dress in the attire that has characterized them despite some criticism they have received for their looks because the vocalist of Grupo Firme likes to show off his jewelry and look good for the public; he said he does not feel like a gentleman but a young man.

What was the anecdote revealed by Eduin Caz?

The singer revealed what happened in a club after Canelo's fight.
The singer revealed what happened in a club after Canelo’s fight.

Nicky Jam asked Eduin what has been the anecdote or tour craziness for the people in that place to hear, so the celebrity said that many things had happened to him, but the last thing that happened to him was when he was enjoying the Canelo fight in Las Vegas.

Speaking here, I know there are many cameras, and maybe this will go viral, but I have to tell. We were in Las Vegas, and I went to see the Canelo fight.” The singer said that after the fight, there was an after-party in a nightclub, but he arrived early and started playing cards.

More on Eduin Caz:

The singer mentioned that another friend who likes to smoke arrived at that place, but he confessed that he didn’t like it and that only drunkenness is welcome. But that friend brought some gummies and gave one to Eduin, who realized something was happening.

Eduin commented that some people asked him for photos, and he accepted, but after half an hour, he saw more than 100 people and started to run and hide among some machines. He thought he was going to be beaten. He even commented that he felt like The Walking Dead and had left the place.

“I was in another world.” Expressed the famous.

How old is Eduin Caz?

The vocalist of Grupo Firme is 28 years old.
The vocalist of Grupo Firme is 28 years old.

The singer Eduin Caz is only 28 years old. When he was very young, he began to make himself known in the music industry. Still, in such a short time, he has achieved popularity, as he has had the opportunity to perform on big stages along with the members of Grupo Firme.