Eduin Caz reveals his battle with cancer during a Grupo Firme concert at Feria Nacional Potosina

Eduin Caz addresses health challenges, highlights cancer battle, and thanks medical team during Grupo Firme's memorable concert.
  1. Eduin Caz transforms a Grupo Firme concert into a candid platform, discussing personal health battles and victories.
  2. The singer’s undisclosed journey from hiatal hernia diagnosis to cancer surgery touches fans and reveals backstage challenges.
  3. Public figures, like José José, also faced similar health issues, shining light on the broader impact of hiatal hernias.

In a heartfelt moment during a recent Grupo Firme concert at the Feria Nacional Potosina, lead singer Eduin Caz shared an intimate story about his battle with cancer. “Do you see these five scars? It’s the perfect night to explain my surgery,” he began, standing center stage.

Rising Through Challenges

By the age of 29, Eduin Caz had already achieved immense fame. Grupo Firme broke attendance records at a concert in Mexico City’s iconic Zócalo square. But behind this meteoric rise were personal challenges Eduin had kept hidden.

As the singer delved deeper into his health struggles, his brother, Jhonny Caz, stood by his side for emotional support. Eduin recollected the shock of his diagnosis, saying, “Just like you are now, that’s how I felt on November 4th, frozen.” He continued, “I thought it was the end, but I consulted the best doctors, underwent surgery, and here we are.”

Eduin also expressed gratitude towards his medical team, particularly Dr. ‘Moi’ and Ponce de León. He emphasized that he had chosen not to disclose his condition earlier because he didn’t want to be pitied: “I never mentioned it because I didn’t want to be seen as ‘poor me.’ But I just got tested, and I’m in great shape. So, let’s enjoy and celebrate.”

“¡We beat cancer!” exclaimed Jhonny Caz, leading the audience in thunderous applause.

A Past Laden with Concern

In May 2022, after a performance at Foro Sol, Eduin was rushed to the hospital. A few days later, he took to Instagram to reveal a long-standing health issue: a hiatal hernia. This condition had been exacerbated by his alcohol consumption, first due to stress and then in celebration.

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“Before the show, I took an injection for stomach pain and drank. But this time, I drank out of happiness and forgot about my ailment, which was too much for my body,” Eduin recounted. He further explained, “My true fans know I have a chronic hiatal hernia. I was told to control or even completely stop drinking, and I completely forgot that day.”

In late December 2022, Eduin informed fans about upcoming surgeries, stating, “I forgot to tell you. I am undergoing treatments and will be having multiple surgeries. One thing leads to another. I’ll explain more about what I’m going through soon. But with God’s grace, I’ll be better.”

Understanding Hiatal Hernia

The hiatal hernia condition, which affected Eduin, has also impacted several public figures, including singer José José, who lost his voice due to it, Chihuahua governor Maru Campos, and even former governor César Duarte, who underwent surgery for the same reason.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a hiatal hernia occurs when the upper part of the stomach protrudes through the large muscle separating the abdomen from the diaphragm. This muscle has an opening called a hiatus, through which the esophagus passes—the hernia results when the stomach pushes up to pass through this opening and enter the chest.

While a hiatal hernia usually doesn’t cause issues, if it becomes large, it can lead to acid reflux, causing heartburn and potentially requiring surgery. Additionally, the Mayo Clinic notes that Barrett’s esophagus, a condition where the esophagus lining is damaged by reflux, becomes thick and red instead of its usual pink. This condition can lead to more severe complications, including an increased risk of esophageal cancer.