Eduin Caz reveals that he and the entire Grupo Firme go to therapy for a powerful reason

Firm Group It continues to grow in success, as it has become one of the most famous bands in the Mexican Regional. On this occasion it was revealed that the members of the group little by little reveal some of the best kept secrets they have as a team, the celebrities have shown that they are very united and that is one of the factors that influences success so that it is always on your side.

Eduin Cazvocalist of the renowned group, was in charge of revealing that all the musicians go to psychological therapy, the main objective of this important measure is that it helps them keep their feet on the ground, since with all the fame they have acquired in In recent years it is difficult to manage your balanced life and not be tempted by wrongdoing.

The lead singer of Grupo Firme confirmed that everyone goes with experts who make them show the best version of themselves and that this is reflected in the work they give their people, according to information from the portal “Soy Grupero”.

“It’s difficult to have our feet on the ground and, well, we always try to give people that extra, that people have fun,” said the leader of the band, who also pointed out that it is important for them “that people see in us someone to reflect on”


As if they were a couple or a marriage, young people do not miss any session because they know how important it is to be well to project it with their followerswho applauded the decision and the example they give to all who listen to their musical on mental health.

The natives of Tijuana, Baja California and Culiacán, Sinaloa recently completed the last of five events they had at the Foro Sol in Mexico City, Despite the interference of the weather or some technical details, the artists conquered the audience with their quality show and with his big party.

Now they are about to return to the United States to meet the dates they have scheduled in that which it is worth noting they also have thousands of fans and where they have managed to win the taste of the people.

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