Eduin Caz shined! Grupo Firme conquers the Coachella festival

Grupo Firme conquered Coachella 2022, because on the first day of activities of the American festival, the regional Mexican music band summoned a large number of listeners to its stage, the main stage of the event.

The great performance of those responsible for the success Ya supérame was possible to appreciate thanks to several attendees, who uploaded short videos of Eduin Caz and company on their social networks demonstrating their quality in the musical celebration that takes place in Indio, California.

For example, @aitelune shared the moment when Grupo Firme played En tu perra vida with the participation of all his fans in the choir.

For its part, the account @channelrradio showed another effusive moment of the band on stage.

Coachella is criticized for the absence of Grupo Firme in virtual transmission

Although the absence of the presentation in the streaming of the festival generated a lot of criticism from Internet users for the event, here are some of them:

“The truth is, I did want to see a firm group, those from Coachella are Latinophobic for not putting them on their livestream”
“that they are not transmitting to a firm group like the others, I consider it an act of xenophobia f***ng coachella @coachella”