Eduin Caz shows off his new tattoo, but fans compare him to Christian Nodal and ask him not to follow in his footsteps

Eduin Caz / Christian Nodal.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

Eduin Cazvocalist of Firm Groupshared with millions of social media followers the final result of the tattoo that was made on one of his arms, revealing that it is a word that has a great meaning in his life. But on this occasion he not only received compliments, since his fans they compared it with Christian Nodal and they asked him not to follow in his footsteps with so many tattoos.

A few days ago the interpreter of “Ya Superame” shared through his Instagram stories that he decided to get a tattoo that covers a large part of one of his arms, and although until now he had not revealed the design he chose, it was during his recent trip to New York that finally revealed what it is.

In the publication made last weekend, the singer from Sinaloa shared a series of photographs, the first of them showing his forearm with a tattoo of the word “Family”to later add other snapshots in which he appears accompanied by those he considers his loved ones, including his wife and children.

However, the reaction of his fans could not be what he expected for the singer, since he not only received a shower of praise for those who consider it an excellent decision, but also compared him to Christian Nodal and asked him not to follow in his footsteps. colleague, who has modified his appearance with tattoos on his body and face.

Nodal 2.0 is that you?“, “As long as you don’t tattoo your face”, “He already wants to look like Cristian Nodal“,” “Don’t be like Nodal with his tattoos”, “Don’t do it anymore, you’re almost going to look like Nodal”, “You’re going to start scratching like everyone else”, “Please don’t get so much tattoos”, “That’s how they start with its scratches, now you are like Nodal pure tattoos are becoming“,”Just don’t get a tattoo on your face”, “Just don’t end up like Nodal please”, “You are already on the path of the Nodal“Were just some of the comments that the Mexican singer received along with more than half a million heart-shaped reactions.

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