Eduin Caz performs “Soy el Ratón,” a narcocorrido dedicated to Sinaloa Carte’s Guzmán at a private party

Eduin Caz performs a song linked to Ovidio Guzmán, sparking online debates about Grupo Firme's artistic choices.

In early 2022, a private event was set ablaze with controversy when Eduin Caz, the lead vocalist of the renowned music group, Grupo Firme, was captured on video performing a song with contentious undertones.

The song, titled “Soy el Ratón”, is believed to be a narcocorrido—a style of Mexican ballad that narrates drug lord exploits—attributed to Ovidio Guzmán, alias El Ratón. Guzmán is widely speculated to be a leading figure in the Sinaloa Cartel groups.

Eduin Caz singing “Soy El Ratón”

The footage reveals Caz passionately singing the song, relying on a cell phone for its lyrics. His performance was backed by a band featuring various wind instruments, a double bass, a bajo sexto, and a guitarist. This impromptu rendition suggests the song isn’t a regular on his playlist, possibly performed on request from attendees.

The song "Soy el Ratón" was performed by Eduin Caz. Credits: (TikTok ashitareyes6120 )
The song “Soy el Ratón” was performed by Eduin Caz. Credits: (TikTok ashitareyes6120 )

Many believe the band Código FN, recognized for their norteño compositions, penned the provocative song. While Grupo Firme is no stranger to corridos, they have traditionally steered clear of addressing real-life figures in Mexican public life in their music. This deviation has not gone unnoticed.

The consequences

Once the video made its rounds on digital platforms, a storm of criticism was unleashed on both Grupo Firme and Eduin Caz. Social media was ablaze with comments and critiques, questioning the group’s intentions and choice of repertoire.

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The song's lyrics tell part of the life of Ovidio Guzmán Credits: (TikTok ashitareyes6120)
The song’s lyrics tell part of the life of Ovidio Guzmán Credits: (TikTok ashitareyes6120)

Interestingly, despite the growing controversy, neither Grupo Firme nor Caz chose to comment, allowing the uproar to gradually wane over the subsequent weeks.

What does “Soy el Ratón” lyrics mean?

The lyrics of “Soy el Ratón” delve into the life of Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán’s son, Ovidio Guzmán. It touches upon his birthplace, the origin of his nickname, and his affinity for luxury automobiles.

The lyrics of "Soy el Ratón" narrate the supposed life of Ovidio Guzmán (CEPROPIE via AP/Archivo).
The lyrics of “Soy el Ratón” narrate the supposed life of Ovidio Guzmán (CEPROPIE via AP/Archivo).

However, it’s the song’s portrayal of Ovidio Guzmán’s alleged role within the Sinaloa Cartel that dominates its narrative. References to Ovidio’s siblings, Alfredo and Archivaldo, are also made, suggesting their collective leadership of a faction dubbed Los Chapitos. This trio is rumored to oversee numerous fentanyl labs, a claim backed by U.S. intelligence.

The lyrics also allude to “el jueves negro” (the black Thursday) or the Culiacanazo—a reference to the botched attempt to apprehend Ovidio Guzmán on October 17, 2019. The incident left Culiacán’s civilian populace vulnerable amidst the violent confrontations between organized crime factions and law enforcement.