Eduin Caz speaks out about the alleged separation from his wife: “She didn’t leave me, I didn’t leave her…”

Jessica Rodríguez from Univision and Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme.
Jessica Rodríguez from Univision and Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme.

Photo: Jason Koerner. /Getty Images

Since yesterday, social networks have witnessed some strong rumors of separation from Eduin Cazvocalist of Firm Group and his wife daisy anahy. Even an influencer, who claims to be a friend of hers, assured that he had her permission to spread the news about her. Nevertheless, the singer himself spoke on Instagram about this separation.

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“I think that before inventing pure pend *** they should investigate things well. They didn’t even leave me, I didn’t leave her and I don’t have a lover either.assured Eduin Caz through a story of Instagram. Then he published more videos training in the gym and one just of his wife Daisy Anahy feeding their youngest daughter on a private plane. She posted the same story. But here the important thing is that the member of Grupo Firme spoke about the rumors of separation.

To which the influencer replied: “The good thing is that I know that I have my conscience calm calm. I kept the line of respect between my work and my friendship. Already the pages that talked about more and added things that I never said, because I am not responsible for them. That’s why I asked them to take a screenshot of the video. If they came back, well that’s good, how many of us haven’t finished and come back every once in a while with someone”, this after Eduin Caz will raise his voice about the alleged separation.

The vocalist of Firm Group At no time until the closing of this note did he say that he was not separating, but he did not affirm it either. She just emphasized that he didn’t leave her and she didn’t leave him either. Nor that there is a lover in the middle. The same thing that she said that the influencer yesterday and that we review here.

“For the moment I confirm them. yes they broke up… At the moment, who knows if they will return? Maybe later, maybe in a week, in a month, in a year… Well, the reasons are simply those… They couldn’t cope with the situation… Maybe due to lack of time and maybe due to dragging problems. Well, right now they took it maturely…”, was part of what the influencer said. Same as he claims to be friends with Eduin Caz’s wife, Daisy Anahy.

Until now she had not spoken either. The last photo of them as a family was on a recent trip to New York, where the group Firm Group was presented. Now they continue with their tour and it is the turn of the city of San Francisco to receive on July 2 the most important regional Mexican band of the moment. For now, we leave you the video clip of the song “You” with Los Elegants de Jerez.

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