Eduin Caz suffers injury during Grupo Firme’s machete dance in Washington DC tour

Grupo Firme's new show includes different regional Mexican dances, but it was demonstrated that these can be a bit dangerous.

Last weekend Grupo Firme kicked off their 2023 tour with an event in Washington DC. Although the event was a success, not everything went as expected because Eduin Caz had a severe mishap on stage that could have ended in tragedy during a dance with machetes. He suffered a severe cut, and if that wasn’t enough, one of these sharp tools came loose and almost fell on his audience.

Last Friday, April 15, Grupo Firme started their “Hay Que Conectarla” tour at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. On this tour, they presented their new show, which includes the performance of different regional dances from different parts of Mexico, and one of them involves the use of machetes, which, it became evident, can be extremely dangerous and not only for the dancers and members of the famous group but also for the audience and all the staff.

In a video posted by a Grupo Firme fan page, Eduin Caz could be seen dancing questions with a pair of sharp machetes, with which he was hit on a couple of occasions in the legs, causing an injury that, although it was not so serious, it did bother him for the rest of the show, according to the singer’s own words. He also ended up with his pants ripped from the crotch due to the dance moves. However, this was not all because, during the show, one of these machetes slipped out of his hands and flew towards the area that divides the stage from the audience.

It is worth mentioning that Eduin Caz’s expression was one of concern as soon as he dropped the machete. However, everything seems to indicate that. Fortunately, the machete did not hit anyone. Immediately the staff took the knife to return it to the singer, who, after the scare, continued performing the dance that he had practiced so much. That is not the first time he has been injured, since a few weeks ago, he showed the cuts he suffered during the rehearsals of this show.

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Hours after the show ended, Eduin Caz reported through his Instagram stories with a video in which he thanked the Washington DC audience for their dedication, assured everyone that it was a memorable show, and emphasized that everything went very well except for the cut he suffered from the machete. However, everything seems to indicate that this mishap was not serious and that he will be able to perform all his activities normally. Nevertheless, the fans of the famous group from Tijuana have suggested they omit this part of their show or substitute it for another dance that does not imply so much risk.

“What a dog I had a great time today, thank you, Washington, that’s how we started this tour, great to see… except for the machete I took, I have a bitch cut, but I had a great time… here I will leave you some stories, I missed this, thank you for this reception, for this full house”, said Eduin Caz in his Instagram profile.

It is important to note that the machetes used in this type of dance do not have a well-defined edge to avoid major accidents. However, this does not mean these bladed weapons are no longer dangerous.