Eduin Caz surprised his wife with a luxury watch valued at more than 20 thousand dollars

In the framework of Valentine’s Day, Grupo Firme’s vocalist, Eduin Caz, decided to surprise his wife, Daisy Anahy, with a very luxurious gift for this February 14 as well as expensive, because the singer spared no expense to make his spouse happy.

On her personal Instagram account, the young woman showed off the watch that Eduin gave her for the Day of Love and Friendship, a piece from the “CARTIER SANTOS 2021 ICED OUT – WSSA0037” collection which she wore with an obvious smile.

The jewel has a cost of more than 20 thousand dollars, an amount that the interpreter of “El amor no fue pa’mi” did not hesitate to invest to make happy the person who has shared with him the happiest moments, but also the saddest of his life. Lately, the regional Mexican music singer, has started to invest in other items as well, especially in real estate. How rich is Eduin Caz we have just found out: more than 2 million dollars in his accounts, and more in investments, like his house and the respective ammenities.

“Being yours to love you until eternity, love you and make you very happy, is my greatest desire forever. It was the first song you dedicated to me Just on our first Valentine’s Day and today after 12 years I want to thank you for every detail, every effort, every gift, every word and act of love. You are the love of my life thank you my king for so much I love you “


They have been together for about 12 years and they are the parents of two children: Gerardo and Geraldine. The young people have gone through some imbalances in their relationship, one of them was recently when it was revealed that Eduin Caz had an out-of-wedlock relationship with another girl.

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The news was so mediatic that the singer had to accept his guilt before the cameras, but he also said that it was something that he had already talked about with his partner and that it was in the past.

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Did El Yaki have a relationship with Eduin Caz’s wife?

It was through a live broadcast through his social networks where the young man who likes to “socialize” clarified several controversies that revolve around his life, such as the recent fight he had in a palenque where one of the show’s attendees threw him a can of beer.

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He was honest when talking about the alleged relationship he had with Anahy, wife of his friend and compadre Eduin Caz, in which they allegedly had a daughter.

Visibly annoyed, Luis Alfonso Partida flatly denied that he had anything to do with the wife of Eduin Caz. The former vocalist of the band El Recodo said he was disappointed and assured that at the time he discussed it with his compadre, the leader of Grupo Firme.

“I’m sick of that lack of respect from people, I don’t understand how they can have the head to think so stupidly.”