Eduin Caz Surprises at Claudia Sheinbaum’s Ensenada Event, Leads Crowd in Rousing ‘Ya Supérame’ Sing-Along

Eduin Caz of Grupo Firme performs at a Morena party event featuring presidential hopeful Claudia Sheinbaum in Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada, Mexico – Eduin Caz, lead singer of the massively popular grupera band Grupo Firme, made a surprise appearance at a political event for Morena party presidential hopeful Claudia Sheinbaum on Sunday, thrilling the crowd with an impromptu sing-along performance of the band’s hit “Ya Supérame.”

During a campaign tour through Baja California, Sheinbaum closed out a gathering of Morena party supporters in Ensenada by bringing Caz up on stage, praising the Tijuana native as “a young Mexican who has put Mexico’s name on high.”

Sheinbaum Recounts Meeting Caz During Her Time as Mexico City Mayor

Before calling the vocalist up to the stage, Sheinbaum told the story of how she first became aware of Grupo Firme and their frontman while serving as Mayor of Mexico City.

“I met Eduin because when I was Head of Government of Mexico City, he filled the Foro Sol seven times, and I said, ‘Who is this Group that has stolen the hearts of Mexicans?'” Sheinbaum recalled. “I met him and fell in love with Grupo Firme and Eduin.”

Mario Delgado sent a message to the opposition

Mario Delgado taking a selfie with Eduin Caz
Mario Delgado sent a message to the opposition

She thanked Caz for his presence at the event, emphasizing the privilege of having the friendship of a talented Mexican musician with such a high profile.

Enthusiastic Crowd Calls For Caz to Perform a Song

When Caz joined Sheinbaum on stage, the excited crowd began clamoring for him to share one of his band’s hit songs.

“Are you going to help me?” Caz asked with a smile before launching into the instantly recognizable introduction of “Ya Supérame,” one of Grupo Firme’s most beloved anthems.

The charismatic singer encouraged the audience to sing along, serenading the smiling Sheinbaum and other prominent Morena politicians, including Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar and party president Mario Delgado.

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Caz Adaptation Praises Sheinbaum with “Ya Convéncete” Lyrics

In a clever twist, Caz tweaked the lyrics of “Ya Supérame” to praise Sheinbaum, renaming the song “Ya Convéncete” (“Convince Yourself Already”).

The adapted lyrics encouraged Sheinbaum’s political rivals to finally accept her seemingly inevitable rise to the presidency, bringing the house down among the fervent Morena supporters.

Grupo Firme concert in the Zócalo of the CDMX

Sheinbaum and Caz Share Stage After Record-Breaking Zócalo Concert

Sunday’s singalong moment marked a reunion between Sheinbaum and Caz after Grupo Firme’s massive free concert in Mexico City’s Zócalo last September.

That record-breaking show drew over 280,000 delirious fans to the capital’s main plaza, cementing the group’s status as one of Mexico’s most popular musical acts.

“When Claudia Sheinbaum asked Eduin Caz what his favorite concert had been, he immediately answered: ‘Obviously the one in the Zócalo!'” one report noted.

The feel-good scenes of Mexico’s potential first female president and one of its biggest pop stars sharing a stage reinforced Sheinbaum’s campaign message of unity and cultural pride.

With Caz and Grupo Firme’s working-class fan base behind her, Sheinbaum heads into Mexico’s 2024 presidential election with momentum and a common touch her opponents may struggle to match.