Daisy Anahy and Eduin Caz’s third child is a boy, and not a girl as they have initially thought: “I don’t know how it happened”

The singer's "ex-wife" pointed out that, despite previous examinations, the sex of their baby was not what they were initially informed.

Daisy Anahy confirmed that the baby she expects with singer Eduin Caz, leader of Grupo Firme, will be a boy and not a girl, as initially revealed during an event in December.

The ‘Ya Supérame’ singer’s ex-partner showed an ultrasound as evidence, informing her followers that his name would be Christian. During transmission on her Instagram stories, the businesswoman highlighted the error of her first medical studies.

“What do you think? Yes, I’m going to have a boy. I don’t know how it happened, the truth. It has come as a surprise that we had done a DNA test on my baby boy, and he had told us that it was a girl, and no joke, he is already a lot of months old,” she said.

She also spoke out against the criticism she received. “And even if they say I’m wearing a pillow and what a fabrication and, you know, the gossip, well no, here I bring him, and it’s a boy, and do with him as you wish,” she added.

Is Eduin Caz separated from Daisy Anahy?

After Eduin Caz dedicated his 6 awards at the Lo Nuestro awards to his ex-wife, there was speculation about a possible separation between the couple, awaiting their third child’s arrival.

“I would like to dedicate them more than anything to my ex-wife, who has been a great pillar in my life and deserves these awards, so they are also for her, thank you. I will always love you, beautiful girl,” he told the press.

Social networks were overflowing with comments, so the vocalist reacted during a broadcast where he ruled out that it was a publicity strategy to promote his new collaboration with Luis R. Conríquez.

According to his version, she decided on the couple’s breakup, but he would be trying to return. “What can I tell you? They left me. I’m doing my fight”.