Eduin Caz uses “ex-wife” to describe Anahy, thus announcing separation after 13 years together. Truth or publicity stunt?

Unexpectedly, Eduin Caz says he is no longer by Daisy Anahy's side, who is soon to have a baby. Prior to this, the celebrities celebrated Valentine's Day.

The singer and leader of Grupo Firme, Eduin Caz, has struggled with his addictions like other celebrities. Things are not going well for him in the love arena, as he recently said he was separated from his wife Daisy Anahy.

Watch seconds 27-28 of the following video made at Premios Lo Nuestro:

You can clearly hear him thanking his “exesposa,” Spanish for “ex-wife.”

Although it may seem surprising, the representative of the regional Mexican group confirmed it. This situation has surprised Caz’s fans since the composer celebrated with his wife that day in the context of Valentine’s Day.

Daisy and Eduin will soon be parents for the third time, but the constant rumors that the singer has been unfaithful to his partner suggest that for this reason, the marriage will soon come to an end. A few hours before Valentine’s Day, content where he allegedly committed infidelity went viral.

It was not confirmed to absolutely anything, and the truth is that, some time ago, Daisy Anahy forgave him for a slip that was made public and that the author of your ‘Perra Vida’ accepted. The celebrity couple began their love life 13 years ago. In 2015, they debuted as parents when their son Gerardo was born, and in 2020 they had Geraldine.

In public, Eduin Caz alluded to Daisy as his “ex-wife.” In social networks, many people began to comment on the matter; some indicated that this would happen sooner or later since “he had been unfaithful to her at various times,” they said. Another sector indicated that it is a strategy to attract attention.

Daisy Anahy has not commented on the matter; in general, the 29-year-old businesswoman is very discreet with her personal life. It is noteworthy that before the announcement of the leader of Grupo Firme, neither he nor she deleted photos and videos from their respective official Instagram profiles.

Fans of the group and those who have followed the love story of both have been surprised by the news, especially because Caz’s representative, who is very close to him, confirming what the singer said, shows that this may not be a joke or a strategy to attract the attention of the media and audiences.

Therefore, in the next hours or days, there is expected to be a statement from the couple to clear any doubts, especially because they are a reference in the world of show business.

And this is not the first time that the voice of Grupo Firme has been involved in scandals and rumors of infidelity or separations, like the separation announced in June 2022. Previously, in 2021, a young woman claimed that she had had an affair with Caz, then 26 years old. To prove it, she used a video where the artist could be seen lying on a bed.

The evidence was such that the singer could only accept that it was true, that he had made a mistake, but that it was something he had already talked about with his wife and things had been solved.

Now, although Grupo Firme’s manager has confirmed the news of the separation between Caz and his wife, some people see everything that happened as a publicity stunt. On February 28, the group will release a new song focused on heartbreak, precisely what has sowed doubts in some people.