Eduin Caz walks in Tsuru, but… he wears an outfit that costs more than 2 mdp! (VIDEO)

Mexico. Eduin Caz imposes fashion with what he wears, He also wears clothes from the best brands and many consider him a fashion icon in Mexico today.

In his social networks he shares an image in which presumes outfit that would be equivalent to about 2 million pesos. The vocalist of Grupo Firme loves to dress in fashion, he also has his own brand for sale on the internet.

In several interviews, Caz has said that he loves to dress well, with clothes from the best brands and at his concerts show off the latest fashion trends, and hats, belts and boots are his weakness.

In a recent image, she models an outfit worth about 2 million 418 thousand pesos, according to information on various news portals, the figures are compiled by the entertainment journalist Shanik Berman.

instagram photo

Eduin Caz has established himself as one of the artists of the moment and with Grupo Firme he forms one of the most successful in the Mexican regional, and continues to have presentations in the Mexican Republic and the USA, where he achieves full houses.

Weeks ago, Grupo Firme and Eduin Caz appeared at the CDMX Sol Forum, where they made three dates and were at their maximum capacity, in addition to the fact that the people of the capital are one of their most faithful followers.

And this May 6, Grupo Firme received recognition from the capital government at the Old City Hall, the first of its kind to be delivered, explained Claudia Sheinbaum, as reported in several news portals.

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The Firm Group continues to reap achievements and one more of them was the recent performance he had at the Coachella festivalin Indio, California, where they were admired by thousands of people.

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