Eduin Caz’s controversial Mother’s Day tribute ignites a social media firestorm and determined the post’s deletion

Eduin Caz's unique dance tribute to mothers stirs up a storm online, dividing fan opinions and spurring debate on respect and propriety.

Drivers, singers, actors, and other personalities of the national artistic milieu took to their social networks to congratulate all Mexican mothers on their day. Some opened their memory trunk to share the best pictures of their moms, while others sent touching messages to heaven in memory of those no longer on this earthly plane.

Chayanne memes flooded social networks, and Señora, Señora was played everywhere. Among the many signs of affection, Eduin Caz posted a video on his Instagram account to congratulate all his mommy fans. Still, the result was unexpected, as social network users considered it disrespectful.

The vocalist of Grupo Firme made an exceptional choreography for all his followers based on the iconic song that Denisse de Kalafe released in 1981, which is considered an anthem for all women who have the joy of being mothers. And the fact is that Eduin Caz made steps following the song’s lyrics, mimicry.

Eduin Caz fue fuertemente criticado por sus movimientos (Instagram @eduincaz)
Eduin Caz was strongly criticized for his movements (Instagram @eduincaz).

The interpreter of El tóxico, Ya supérame, and Un amor como este included Twerk steps that provoked their guffaws. All these divided opinions on social networks:

“Not funny at all. If that’s how you were born and that’s how your ex-wife had your children. A minimum of respect for moms, ridiculous”. “What a disappointment with this guy. I’d better not go to the concert in Cancun”. “When are you coming out of the closet, compa.” and, “This guy thinks everyone wants to be with him” were some comments.

This is not the first time social network users criticized Eduin Caz for an Instagram publication. However, this time, he received more negative comments. Faced with this situation, the 28-year-old singer defended himself in the comments section of his publication, but he couldn’t get enough, so he deleted his controversial video.

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No comentó nada más al respecto tras eliminar su video. (Instagram/@eduincaz y @anahydpg)
He did not comment further on the matter after deleting his video. (Instagram/@eduincaz and @anahydpg).

“You shut up and **** out of here, ALV. My personal life is private, and you don’t know how my character is here. If you like it, fine. If not, **** from here”. “With all due respect, the event (in Cancun) is already sold out, and we don’t need you there. Those who will be there will have the time of their lives,” were some of the regional Mexican singer’s responses.

The audiovisual fragment was recovered by @chamonic3 on Instagram and went viral on social networks. Thanks to this, those who did not have the opportunity to see the “congratulations” of the vocalist of Grupo Firme were able to see the content, and many reacted similarly. However, others took the situation with humor.

Ninel Conde ha sido duramente criticada por su apariencia. (Foto: Instagram/@ninelconde)
Ninel Conde has been harshly criticized for her appearance (Photo: Instagram/@ninelconde).

Eduin caz compared to ninel conde

The Sinaloan singer positioned himself among the top trends on social networks for his recent appearance on Tengo Talento, a TV contest taped in the United States. Eduin attended as a special guest to guide the contestants but caught the attention of his fans for an apparent change in his face.

“What happened to Eduin Caz,” “Dear Eduin, are you okay?”, “Is that Eduin Caz?” “It looked like a makeup problem, but I don’t think so. Eduin Caz does look puffy,” “Eduin Caz looks like his old self merged with Mbappe“; “What happened to Edwin’s face,” commented the internet users.

Apparently, the vocalist of Grupo Firme had a swollen face. This situation caused speculations about possible aesthetic treatment with Botox or another substance, and comparisons with national artistic figures were criticized for the same reason, mainly because he was compared to Ninel Conde.