Eduin Caz’s security team was involved in a brutal fan beating during a Mexico visit

The controversial situation surrounding Eduin Caz, where his security detail is under fire for allegedly assaulting fans seeking photos.

Eduin Caz is involved in a new controversy because a famous entertainment magazine reported that the singer’s security team brutally beat a group of fans trying to get a photo with the singer. It was reported that those affected received money after the beating in order not to make the scandal bigger.

TVNotas magazine was in charge of airing this new Eduin Caz scandal. According to the magazine, these events occurred last Thursday, May 18, when the members of Grupo Firme were visiting Mexico City to fulfill various work commitments, which included a visit to the program “Hoy” and a ride on Turibus as part of a dynamic carried out with a famous radio station of the “grupero” genre.

As reported by the publication mentioned above, Eduin Caz & Co. deployed a strong security device to prevent anyone from approaching, so the fans waiting for them outside Televisa and at the Angel de la Independencia were left with the desire to be close to their idols. However, some fans of the group were not satisfied, and on board, motorcycles followed the convoy that transported the members of Grupo Firme. Still, the security team misinterpreted the situation and stopped their march to intercept them, and that is where the brutal beating took place.

At least two motorcyclists were beaten by Eduin Caz's security team. Photo: TVNotas
Eduin Caz’s security team beat at least two motorcyclists. Photo: TVNotas

TVNotas presented an interview with a couple of witnesses of the events, who preferred to remain anonymous and stated that Eduin Caz’s bodyguards hit a couple of motorcyclists without asking any questions, causing them serious injuries that required medical attention and once the beating was over, they left the place to catch up with the singer in a seafood restaurant located in the area of Miguel Angel de Quevedo.

The bikers required medical attention after the beating. Photo: TVNotas
The bikers required medical attention after the beating. Photo: TVNotas

According to TVNotas, Eduin Caz’s bodyguards said they acted aggressively because they believed that the motorcyclists were trying to commit an assault or attack against the members of Grupo Firme. However, when they found out they were just fans trying to get a photo, they gave them money not to cause a scandal.

The escorts allegedly offered money to those affected so as not to generate a bigger scandal. Photo: TVNotas
The escorts allegedly offered money to those affected not to generate a bigger scandal. Photo: TVNotas

One of the witnesses who testified for TVNotas pointed out that the Mexico City police did not appear at any time. It was also detailed that Eduin Caz was aware of the whole situation but did not see the actions of his escorts as bad because “he feels unreachable,” also, the witness said he saw the singer in the restaurant in Coyoacan and said that “he looks a little paranoid” because for some reason he fears for his safety.

So far, Eduin Caz has not come out to offer any statement regarding this new scandal in which he is involved. However, this was not the only controversy starring the singer during his visit to the Mexican capital because during his stay in “Hoy,” he was accused by Bernardo Javier, Galilea Montijo’s assistant, of having denied him a photo bluntly and arrogantly, for which the ex-husband of Daisy Ahany received multiple criticisms.