Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores celebrated their third anniversary on a beautiful beach and with beautiful dedications

Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Three years have passed since the wedding of Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores and the couple celebrated it with romantic messages on their respective Instagram accounts. They also did it on a beautiful beach, with romantic decorations, and rose petals on the sand with which “Happy Anniversary” was written, along with a big heart.

The Mexican singer dedicated a nice message to his wife along with the photo gallery in which they are seen enjoying the beach and the beautiful decorations for this special occasion: “Happy day love @kimfloresgz. For three years I have enjoyed not only the smiles, but also the tears that taught me so many things and helped me mature. Today a different night, a magical day of adventures, craziness and mischief. Thank you for always being with me and teaching me to love in a way that I did not know, they once said that to be happy I had to be free and today I understand that this word has a broad meaning that not everyone understands, “said Luna.

For your partKimberly Flores published a video in which she collected images of the church wedding, in which she wore a radiant long-tailed white dress, and of many moments she has lived with her husband.

“Happy anniversary my love. The years continue to pass and our love continues to grow, and in the face of each trial, each day we are stronger and more united, God blessed us with a beautiful family and only you and I know everything that has cost us to be where we are thanks to all those who are always with us through thick and thin, thank you for your support of the LUNA FLORES family and the that no, also thank you because the more they want to bring us down they do not realize that they make us stronger today I thank God for letting us live these wonderful moments together I love you my moon my husband Edwin moon @edwinlunat, “wrote Flores.

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