Edwin Luna assures that he fights with Kimberly Flores every day of the week

edwin moon 34 years old, he showed that Kimberly Flores, 33, apparently gives him headaches, he made it known on TikTok, because while they were both lying down, he stressed that seven days a week his wife is a real headache , causing controversy.

And it is that although some users take it as a joke, others believe that said marriage is not really going well, so they could be experiencing a problem, but as always Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flowers Far from focusing on gossip, they ignore it, since they are already used to the famous hate.

If we go back in time, we can remember when on more than one occasion it was said that Kimberly Flores was dating Edwin Luna out of interest, but it was the fans of Alma Cero, the Mexican singer’s first couple who mercilessly attacked celebrities, especially the model. who reached a point in her life where she defended herself from the hate which had her very upset.

“How beautiful it is to have a healthy relationship, without secrets, without lies, without hurting others, I love true love, much success in your relationship”, “How beautiful is reciprocated love, long live love forever and ever Long live love”, “Make your marriage win Kim, how bad people talk about you that you don’t care, You learn from mistakes”, write the networks.


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It is worth mentioning that the hate thought that said marriage was really going to end, this after announcing an alleged infidelity on the part of the model with the actor Roberto Romano in the reality show La Casa de Los Famosos, which gave a lot of what talk, because the rumor spread like wildfire that there was a romance.

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Currently, the couple live very happily and are always seen working on various projects, they are also very focused on their family with whom they share the best moments almost always on their networks, making it clear that everything is going great for them, they are also very grateful to his true audience.