Edwin Luna causes controversy for choosing the trans model Jaylin Castellanos to star in his video “February 30”

edwin moon sparked controversy on social networks for choosing the trans model Jaylin Castellanos to star in the video for his song “February 30.”

The clip has not yet been released and has already raised ampuls, since both the singer of La Trakalosa, and the participant of “Acapulco Shore”, uploaded some photos and videos together announcing their collaboration to their respective Instagram accounts.

The clip premieres this July 22 and it seems that “La Barbie Mexicana” and the interpreter will be seen in a very romantic way.

Why, having so many pretty girls, did he choose that one??’”, “Hahaha who is that man you are dating! he is transformer“, ” The song must be good, but there being so many pretty women to appear in the video, who do they put…“Were some of the comments made by Luna’s followers, mostly.

Although there were also those who showed their support.

How cool that they give him a chance. AT LAST!!!! I will make way for transsexuals as models”, “YOUR BEST CHOICE @jaylin.castellanosoficial 🔥” and “Beautiful model 😍”, were some of the approval messages.

So far, neither Jaylin nor the singer have come out to give statements about it.

Castellanos became famous after participating in the MTV reality show and was an important figure in representing the LGBTIQ+ community.

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