Edwin Luna obsessed with Kimberly Flores? show off your face pillow

the marriage of edwin moon Y Kimberly Flowers became even more famous after the host was on the reality show The House of the Famous and since then they have been a constant topic of conversation.

Supposedly on the show, the beautiful Kim was unfaithful to her husband, so they did not resist social pressure and Edwin entered the reality show to talk to his wife so that she would go out and return home to her family.

Since then, social networks have branded Luna as a “horn” and have even had to upload videos to YouTube confessing everything that happened on the Telemundo program. However, their relationship is stronger than ever.

Is Edwin Luna obsessed with Kimberly Flores?

Is Edwin Luna obsessed with Kimberly Flores? How old is Edwin Luna?

The previous photos showed that the singer Edwin Luna is completely in love with his wife Kimberly Flores, to the point of sleeping with a pillow and blanket with his face, which caught the attention of his fans.

Some found it a bit obsessive on his part, while Luna clarified that his wife was the one who had this detail done and called her toxic.

“They asked me if Kimberly Flores is toxic or something like that and well, I don’t know if they can edit the last photos to see where it’s cool.”

Without a doubt, the couple is becoming viral, just like Camilo and Evaluna for the great crazy things they do for love. Which couple do you think is more real?

How old is Edwin Luna?

How old is Edwin Luna?

Currently Edwin Luna is 34 years old, since he was born on September 6, 1987 and is originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León. The famous one is the vocalist of the band “La Trakalosa de Monterrey”.

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