Edwin Luna presumes that he uses a shaping girdle and criticism rains down on him

edwin moon is one of the media figures of the show, monopolizing the cameras for his constant physical changes, this time he has been the subject of ridicule by showing himself wearing a body shaper identical to that of his wife.

In AmericanPost.News We even let you know that Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna have shown that they do manicures together, a situation that has generated ridicule for the singer.

Despite this, Edwin Luna affirms that taking care of his physique is so that he can offer quality presentations and has shown that he does not care about the criticism to which he has been subjected.

They criticize Edwin Luna for showing himself in a girdle with his wife

Through his social networks, the singer Edwin Luna published a photograph where he is seen wearing a girdle identical to that of his wife Kimberly Flores, this to take care of her figure.

“I have tried many girdles and I definitely prefer this one, there is no other more comfortable waistband, they do not hurt your skin. Kim and I love them,” she wrote in the caption.

Despite the fact that the singer is smiling and without any concern for showing one of his secrets, he has been mocked and criticized on social networks for showing this type of method.

“One more friend for his wife, first the nails, now the girdle, let them put on makeup together”, “lower the tortillas, buddy”, “Oh no! Now even with a girdle”, “Are heels also lent?” Are some of the comments.

What is the name of Edwin Luna’s new song?

Edwin Luna shows that he does not care about criticism and continues to show off his day to day.

The singer Edwin Luna together with his group “La trakalosa de Monterrey” are enjoying the success of “Hasta que Salle el Sol”, where the paero Lefty Sm also collaborates.

“Until the Sun Comes Out” has had a great reception from the public of “La trakalosa de Monterrey” since its launch.

Despite this, edwin moon He has not been spared from being criticized, although the singer has shown that he does not care and continues to share details of his daily life.

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