Edwin Luna publishes images where he is seen ‘affectionate’ with a famous trans woman

One more time edwin moon He is under the spotlight, and this time it would be after his most recent publication on social networks, where most of the time he shares very romantic moments with his controversial wife Kimberly Flowers. On this occasion, the man from Monterrey surprised his followers by appearing in some publications hugging a former member of Acapulco Shore.

as you read it, Edwin Luna forgot about his controversial wife whom we saw a few months ago in the first season of “La Casa de los Famosos”and now the leader of “La trakalosa de Monterrey” even sang to this controversial former member of the reality show from which personalities like Manelyk and Karime came out.

Around Edwin Luna and Kim there have been many rumors about the possibility of separating, andThey have made it more than clear that their marriage and their love is stronger than everything and they will fight to keep it that way for the rest of their lives.; so the appearance of the Monterrey native with Jaylin, a former member of Acapulco Shore, is only about his new musical material.

On this occasion, the vocalist of La Trakalosa invited the controversial Jaylin to be the protagonist of his new music video in which he also presents what they intend to be a success, the theme “February 30”.

“On February 30 you will be able to see my return and if I take a while in the process, just wait a little longer, maybe it will take a hundred years, but it will not happen from there”is part of the chorus of the new song by Edwin Luna and La Trakalosa de Monterrey.

For its part, the controversial member of Acapulco Shore, thanked Edwin Luna for being part of this new project and assured that he loved the result he achieved alongside the famous leader and vocalist of the aforementioned Regional Mexican group.

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