Edwin Luna’s wife’s infidelity

  • Is there an infidelity in the Telemundo reality show “La Casa de los Famosos”?
  • Kimberly Flores, wife of Edwin Luna looks very affectionate with another man
  • It even looks like an actor kisses the singer’s wife

Kimberly Flores cheats on husband? A few days ago, the Telemundo network premiered the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos“, where several celebrities from the world of entertainment are found, where they are locked up for several weeks in a house, where the camera reveals all the secrets.

One of the celebrities invited to this reality show was the wife of singer Edwin Luna, Kimberly Flores, who in just one week of the premiere has given much to talk about. Through social networks, several videos have been circulating where Kimberly is seen apparently being unfaithful to her husband, according to Radio Formula.

Kimberly Flores generates controversy on reality show

Kimberly Flores cheats on husband

Kimberly Flores cheats on husband: “Nor has no respect for the husband “

Kimberly Flores cheats on husband: "She has no respect for the husband"

“Many say that it is acted, but even if it is acted, it looks bad as a married woman, why does it lend itself to that? I believe that her husband deserves respect, she denigrates herself as a woman “,” What I do not understand is what a married woman does there and the husband who allows it and she who does not know respect for her husband and children so many tears sheer hypocrisy tears of crocodile”.

I did not know that in that program you could do things that a married woman does not do, could it be that the husband agreed? Or someone to explain to me “,” Wow, that woman is vulgar and has no respect for her husband, “” That’s normal for her, that’s not surprising, “the comments continued. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Kimberly Flores cheats on husband: The singer reacts

Kimberly Flores cheats on husband: The singer reacts

Faced with this situation that the alleged infidelity of Kimberly Flores, her husband, the singer Edwin Luna, shared in his Instagram stories a video of a song, where he lets his wife know that he loves her with all his heart: “You know something, that I love you, I will die without you, if you are far away ”. While his wife is caressing with another man.

There he will show if he really wanted it or it only suited him ”,“ I think that this program will lead to the failure of their relationship, if they were really happy or not before the show who knows, but because of this and all the doubts and misunderstandings that open from now on will lead the relationship to failure “,” If that is not drama a married woman is not involved in flirting with another man “,” What is such a respectable lady so fine educated in such a vulgar show? “Were some messages from Internet users.

Kimberly Flores cheats on husband: The singer’s wife shows off her curves

PHOTO: Instagram. Kimberly flowers

The stunning wife of singer Edwin Luna, has previously tried to cause a sensation on social networks, by showing off her body on several occasions in sexy bikinis. A few months ago the curvy woman decided to upload a postcard on her official Instagram account @kimfloresgz, wearing a heart attack bikini with which she managed to get 102 thousand reactions of likes

In the image, the young woman shamelessly showed all her attributes and left more than one with a square eye, since it is impressive how delineated her figure looks. However, for many people his figure was an exaggeration and they ventured to say that it was the work of photoshop. Filed Under: Kimberly Flores Cheats On Husband

“Pure Photoshop”

"Pure Photoshop"

The most aggressive comments regarding his figure were published on the account of the Suelta la Sopa program, and they showed that Edwin Luna’s wife, who poses in a bikini, is not one of the public’s spoiled. Immediately the critics began to make their appearance: “Photoshop at its highest level can be seen for miles”, “and why doesn’t the rearguard look like this? In the videos I have seen interviews of her and she doesn’t have her like that, she’s very skinny ”.

Some more people commented: “Which one for the traffic, well operated it is, and more filter could not be put”, “if she did the BBLT she is not going to tell me that the body is aimed from pure exercise, from lifting pure weights in the gym, that is the one that I want lol ”. “When they make their videos, nothing to see… Pure Photoshop”, “she almost fits her fist around the waist to make her notice… because if they look at her in person she is a table… she is very skinny”, pointed out more Internet users.

“Why does it sometimes look good sometimes it doesn’t?”

"Why does it sometimes look good sometimes it doesn

But the photo of Kimberly Flores, wife of Edwin Luna in a bikini, caused more disbelief in people than anything else, since they believe she used photoshop. “Hahaha uuuy so joke! Well, it would be on video and in person it would look the same ”,“ Why does it sometimes look good, sometimes it doesn’t? It will be photoshopped ”,“ it looks like a skull, what a dent ”,“ And the face for when? ”,“ And since when is silicone plastic and the pound of flour on it beautiful?

But then a person criticized that if he does not have any artistic talent, he has to resort to teaching too much: “Those who do not sing have to denude themselves.” “But if it is taken without filters, it will not look like that, pure table looks hahahahaha, people even make fun of this one that stands only on its side, nothing that is taken from the front because it looks, the reality of its great body that It looks like Laura Bozo’s body, hahahahaha, they are so the same, let the discovery of the cory pass, ”said another person. Filed Under: Kimberly Flores Cheats On Husband

The singer’s wife shows her beauty

Kimberly wife Edwin Luna
VIDEO: Instagram. Kimberly flowers

Previously, Kimberly Flores, showed her more than a million followers the photo shoot in which the also singer was quite sexy, wearing red lingerie. In the video, Edwin Luna’s partner appears posing with a rather mischievous tone to the camera, while sitting in a brown armchair.

In the publication, Kimberly Flores wears a red one-piece lingerie, which strongly highlights her physical attributes, since the native of Guatemala looks quite hot in that garment. Although in the video, published on his official Instagram account, it was not specified what this photo shoot would be for, at the bottom of the clip it is possible to hear a part of one of his songs, right where it says “I am Kim Flores” . Filed Under: Kimberly Flores Cheats On Husband

Appears showing off her hips

PHOTO: Instagram. Kimberly Flores.

Remember that Kimberly Flores has always stood out for uploading on her social networks showing off her incredible body in tiny suits and lingerie. Such was the case when, Edwin Luna’s wife appeared in a tiny, bench-colored suit, at the bottom she showed her contoured legs, while at the top, the singer also showed off a tremendous cleavage that revealed her multiple tattoos

An Internet user did not hesitate to comment on the following: “What a beautiful woman, what I say woman, is a woman, what luck for your husband, I wish you the best always, blessings.” “You are beautiful”, “I love you”, “You are a queen”, “Look at that body”, “Beautiful my dear Kim, blessings on all your projects”, “Wow, you are beautiful”. Filed Under: Kimberly Flores Cheats On Husband

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