Edwin Omar N, aka El Minimix, suspected CJNG leader, arrested in Tecomán, Colima

El Minimix's reign of violence ends in Colima with a multi-force operation that ended with confiscating firearms, drugs, and vehicles.

The State Coordination Board for the Construction of Peace and Security of Colima informed tonight, through a press release, that this Friday they captured Edwin Omar N, alias “El Minimix,” an alleged leader of the criminal group known as Jalisco Cartel – New Generation ( CJNG) in three municipalities of the state of Colima, Mexico.

With intelligence information gathered by the State Attorney General’s Office(FGE) of Colima, the Mexican Ministry of Public Security (SSP), the Michoacán Attorney General’s Office, the Mexican Ministry of the Navy (Semar), and the Mexican National Intelligence Fusion Center (CENFI), attached to the National Intelligence Center (CNI), the support of the Mexican National Anti-Kidnapping Commission (Conase) was requested to mount an operation for the capture of the person as mentioned earlier, locating him in Cerro de Ortega in the municipality of Tecomán.

The detainee was placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor's Office to continue the judicial process: Special
The detainee was placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to continue the judicial process: Special.

After locating the character in a vehicle, he was stopped. Still, he tried to evade law enforcement, thus initiating a chase that reached the municipality of Coahuayana in Michoacán, where he was finally captured.

Edwin Omar N, alias El Minimix, is originally from Colima, and intelligence elements place him as the leader of the criminal group in the Colima municipalities of Cuauhtémoc, Coquimatlán, and an area of Villa de Álvarez, and also as one of the main generators of violence in the state.

He is being investigated for his participation in various crimes. At the time of El Minimix’s arrest, a firearm, drugs, and a vehicle were seized.

The detainee was handed over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to continue the corresponding judicial process.