Eiza Gonzalez found in Lewis Hamilton’s company during Ibiza vacation amidst rumors of multiple love interests

Experiencing Ibiza sun with Hamilton, Eiza Gonzalez confronts relationship rumors while advocating for her dating independence.

Basking under the sun with some friends, Eiza Gonzalez has taken a well-deserved vacation at sea, in the company of British Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton. However, there’s no sight of Shakira, who has been implicated in romance rumors with the Mexican starlet.

Eiza, known for her role in the film Ambulance, has expressed her frustration over incessant attempts to romantically link her with every individual she’s spotted with. But, this hasn’t kept her out of the gossip column for being seen with Lewis Hamilton, one of the most coveted bachelors.

July 14 witnessed photos surfacing online showing Hamilton enjoying his leisure time on a yacht in Ibiza. Although Jenny Stray Spetalen, the tennis player, was frequently captured by the camera, Gonzalez was also part of the luxurious getaway.

Gonzalez seemed to be indulging herself in the pool, while Spetalen and Hamilton were engrossed in a conversation. Notably, they were not the only ones to be present at this private event. Acclaimed film director Baz Luhrmann and his wife, Catherine Martin, were also among the invitees.

The ensemble, according to local reports, congregated following the British Grand Prix. Gonzalez, currently vacationing in France, was seen attending the Muse concert in Marseille on July 15.

Eiza did not share on her networks something about Hamilton, only of her trip to Europe (Screenshot/Instagram).
Eiza did not share anything about Hamilton on her social networks, only about her European trip (Screenshot/Instagram).

This rendezvous is not unprecedented, as Eiza has been sighted at several events graced by Hamilton in the past. However, she refrained from posting anything related to him on her social platforms, instead focusing on her European escapade.

Gonzalez’s close proximity to Hamilton and Spetalen, despite just being friends, instigated netizens to question the much-speculated romantic liaison between Hamilton and Shakira. Adding fuel to the fire, the Mercedes driver was spotted with a different man around the same time.

On the very same night, July 14, Shakira, the singer known for her hit ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, was seen dining with Jimmy Butler in London. This seemingly covert meetup has set the rumor mill running about a potential romantic involvement, though no official comments have been made by either party’s representatives.

Moreover, it is reported that Shakira had met with Hamilton at a London bar after the Silverstone circuit, only a few days back.

Eiza Gonzalez’s alleged list of love interests

Through social networks and interviews, Eiza has asked not to be criticized for dating men (Reuters).
Gonzalez has consistently requested via social media and interviews not to face unjust criticism for dating (Reuters).

Since she forayed into Hollywood, the Mexican actress has allegedly had romantic involvements with various actors, among them Liam Hemsworth, Jason Momoa, and Timothée Chalamet, causing quite a stir.

The relationship with Hemsworth still garners criticism for Gonzalez, as they were allegedly dating prior to his split with Miley Cyrus. The couple was spotted kissing on multiple occasions, but neither commented on the speculations.

Paul has been the last person Eiza has confirmed having an affair with (Instagram/@eizagonzalez).
Paul is the last person Eiza has confirmed having an affair with (Instagram/@eizagonzalez).

Her last publicized relationship was with Paul Rabil, with whom she was reportedly planning to walk down the aisle before they called off their engagement in December 2021.

She has also been linked with Josh Duhamel, Maluma, Calvin Harris, and Cristiano Ronaldo, though these associations have remained unconfirmed.

In light of recurring critiques about her dating life, Gonzalez, the Lola, Once Upon a Time star, told L’Officel USA magazine that she’ll continue dating until she finds her perfect match.

Stating that she’s ambitious and believes in dating, she said, “I won’t stay with someone if they don’t make me feel and be a better version of myself. If that gets me through 150,000 people, I’ll do it, because I deserve someone who makes me feel like a better person.”

She also criticized the narrow focus on her dating life while neglecting her professional efforts. She made it clear that she would not settle for mediocrity in any aspect of her life.