Eiza Gonzalez stars as an astronaut in Flying Lotus’ secretive sci-fi horror film Ash

Suspense and mystery as Eiza Gonzalez navigates the perils of outer space alongside a doubtful ally, Aaron Paul.

Eiza Gonzalez will be an astronaut lost in outer space in her new movie “Ash,” in which she shares credits with Aaron Paul.

Through social media, Eiza Gonzalez shared photos of the first look of the movie “Ash,” released by Entertainment Weekly magazine.

In these images, Eiza Gonzalez – 33 years old – can be seen starring as an astronaut alongside Aaron Paul, her co-star.

The actress was enthusiastic about her new project in the pipeline after appearing in the series Extrapolations and Ambulance.

What will “Ash,” the new movie where Eiza Gonzalez is an astronaut, be about?

Not much is known about “Ash” and the story it will tell us on screen because its plot is kept under wraps.

We all know that Eiza Gonzalez will play Riya, a woman who wakes up in a space station and finds that the rest of the crew has died.

Aaron Paul will be in charge of rescuing Eiza, although his presence raises suspicions about our leading lady.

Eiza González, actriz
Eiza González, actress (@eizagonzalez)

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Eiza González defined “Ash” as a horror and science fiction movie.

Directed by musician Flying Lotus, “Ash” is based on a script by Jonni Remmler and, according to its protagonists, has a unique and disturbing visual style for the viewer.

Flying Lotus is an actor, rapper, and filmmaker who has directed his music videos and, according to Eiza Gonzalez, is interested in pushing boundaries.

There is no release date for “Ash” in theaters, so we will have to wait for its arrival to be announced. What is a fact is that it will be released in 2023.

Eiza González, actriz.
Eiza Gonzalez, actress (@eizagonzalez)

Cast of “Ash,” the new movie starring Eiza González

The cast that has been confirmed for the film “Ash” is as follows:

  • Eiza Gonzalez, 33
  • Aaron Paul, 43 years old
  • Iko Uwais, 40 years of age
  • Beulah Koalem, 30 years old
  • Kate Elliott, 64 years old
  • Flying Lotus, 39 years old

It should be noted that Eiza Gonzalez and Aaron Paul replaced Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tessa Thompson, who left the project.