El Buki could die in the next few days, according to Mhoni Vidente

Mhoni Seer has made a shocking revelation in one of his recent videos and this has surprised the Mexican public since the fortune teller visualized the death of a Mexican singer, which could be Marco Antonio Solís, El Buki.

This was said by the seer, who has earned the recognition of the public for his correct predictions such as when he confirmed that Vicente Fernández would die or when he announced that a Televisa actor was about to die and days later Octavio Ocaña died.

The famous Cuban also alerted Jenni Rivera that death was stalking her but the singer did not want to believe her because her religion did not allow her to believe in astrology or the Virgin of Guadalupe, so she ignored the woman.

Could the Buki die?

This was what Mhoni said about the alleged possible death of singer Marco Antonio.

“I visualize that someone else dies, someone else in regional or group music who is about 61 years old, very young, very loved and may be El Buki, you have to take care of high blood pressure,” he confessed.

This worried Mexicans since this is one of the most recognized and famous singers in the country.

Predictions of Mhoni Seer

Predictions of Mhoni Seer

In recent months, Mhoni Vidente’s predictions have not been very positive, since he has spoken of volcano eruptions, earthquakes, extreme temperatures, separations and deaths of celebrities, so many artists fear that the fortune teller will pronounce his name.

He also recently visualized that Eduin Caz is separating from his wife due to the recently revealed infidelity. On the other hand, he also mentioned that Belinda and Christian Nodal would also have problems in their relationship and could end soon.

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