El Canelo raises suspicions with a photo

  • Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez shares a compromising photo.
  • Could it be that he has a suspicious romance?
  • Controversial photography circulates on social networks.

Photo Canelo Álvarez Suspicious. Through social networks is that the Mexican boxer shares with his fans the work he does, he can find himself from such a common day, his fights, such as the days he shares as a family. Cyber ​​media has undoubtedly emerged in the lives of famous and non-famous people.

Well, through them many things are shared and boy has a suspicious Canelo Álvarez photo shared that has given a lot to talk about, that photograph leaves several of his followers thinking and has caused people who do not admire him to react to his publication.

Photograph that shows a great suspicion towards the preferences of Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez

Photo: Instagram

The Mexican boxer caused a stir on his personal Instagram account, as he published a photo where he hugs another man which caused controversy since he is accused of allegedly having an affair with the stranger who appears in the image.

His face reflects great emotion when he embraces the man who appears in his photograph, with a big and obvious smile. publication.

This is how they attacked El Canelo after posting a shocking photograph

Photo Canelo Álvarez Suspicious
Photo: Instagram

Before the post made by the Mexican boxer, the vast majority of his followers reacted to the publication, because they were surprised by the way in which El Canelo poses in said photo, the comments towards the boxer go from good to bad because there were those who did not take it badly that post.

The people who denote not being followers of the boxer did not take long to show their fury, their criticism and their mockery towards the photo that El Canelo uploaded. “It stopped him, or because that smile” accompanied by laughing emojis, “No strings attached!”

Canelo raises suspicions of an affair with another man. Photo Canelo Álvarez Suspicious

Photo Canelo Álvarez Suspicious
Photo: Instagram

The facial expression of El Canelo in the photograph leaves you wondering if he is enjoying that hug he shares with another man, what they do not know is that this individual is nothing more and nothing less than Eddy reynoso the boxing coach. So show great affection for Eddy and great gratitude.

Although many people reacted with comments a little out of place, there were those who knew the man who appears in Canelo’s photograph and reacted according to the context of the photograph, which shows great gratitude to the boxing coach for everything he has done for him. Mexican boxer.

He is involved in another controversy after a suspicious Canelo Álvarez photo.

He is involved in another controversy
Photo: Instagram

The Mexican boxer long ago also shared a photo on his personal Instagram account in which he appears with fellow athlete Ricardo “Dinamita” Álvarez, which caused some of his followers to criticize him and attack him with offensive comments for appearing gay.

The homophobic comments towards the Mexican boxer arose as a result of a publication on his Instagram account made on January 4, since in the photograph he appears kissing the cheek of Dinamita Álvarez while they remain embraced.

The public that calls itself followers of Canelo react in this way to an improper photo

The public that calls itself Canelo's followers react in this way to an improper photo
Photo: Instagram

After having shared that photograph on his Instagram, Canelo was attacked by some people while others reacted in a very natural way to the photo, as it only shows affection for the athlete Ricardo, although it caused great suspicions.

“It’s the best” accompanied by rainbow flags, “The most gay Mexican I know”, is he gay? My God what news ”,“ I love my brother, but I don’t kiss my brother ”,“ You are gay ”,“ Don’t do it compa ”, Do you also kiss Eddy?” are some of the comments that are read in the post of the photo. Filed Under: Suspicious Canelo Álvarez Photo.

Despite criticism, Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez continues with his career

Despite criticism Saúl
Photo: Instagram

The attacks he has received through social networks are not an impediment for El Canelo to continue forward in his boxing career since it is worth mentioning that the man from Guadalajara owns the belts of the World Boxing Council (WBC), the World Association (WBA) and the World Organization (WBO) and now after his confrontation with Plant he obtained the absolute victory.

Beyond the fact that Plant boasts an undefeated record, Saúl reiterates that the fight in Las Vegas transcended the personal sphere, after the mess that both starred in Los Angeles. Well, like every good Mexican, Canelo jumped to defend his mother’s name.

Canelo Álvarez boasts of his luxurious vacation after beating Caleb Plant

Canelo Álvarez boasts of his luxurious vacation after beating Caleb Plant
Photo: Instagram

Photo Canelo Álvarez Suspicious. After becoming the undisputed super middleweight champion in all international boxing organizations, El Canelo made the decision to take a break to spend time with his family. After defeating the American boxer, Caleb Plant, the boxer made the decision to rest and travel to France in the company of his wife, Fernanda Gómez.

Again he used the Instagram platform to publicize his fantastic trip with his beautiful wife, they were on vacation, taking their partner to the land of love, they went to Paris. The Mexican couple decided to stay in a hotel with a balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower, one of the wonders of the modern world.

Fernanda Gómez did not hesitate to publish her luxurious and expensive vacations on her social networks

Fernanda Gómez did not hesitate to publish her luxurious and expensive vacations on her social networks
Photo: Instagram

In Fernanda Gómez’s publications, a post dedicated solely and exclusively to Canelo could be seen. It can be seen that the man from Guadalajara is sitting in what is apparently a lobby; In the image you can read a sticker with the legend “mon Amour” which translated into Spanish means “my love”. This image was also uploaded by the Jalisco man to his official account. EFE.

The trip to Paris is not the first that Canelo makes with his current wife. When he just got married in May of this year, his “honeymoon” was in another European country, Croatia. Even Álvarez recently said that during said trip as a newlywed, he could not put down his gloves because he had to keep training.

Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez has been involved in various very controversial situations

Photo: Instagram

Let us remember the controversial event that Canelo went through with Julio César Chávez Jr. The ease with which a video can be recorded and uploaded to social networks has made Julio César Chávez Jr use this tool to challenge great fighters looking for a part of his fame and money. The boxer from Guadalajara told Chávez Carrasco through his Twitter account that he better seek help from his father, as he needs it. According to El Universal.

Another of the great controversies of Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez was when he told David Faitelson that he did not like to be classified as a “sucker”, because, according to the fighter, the commentator did not know him to call him that, all this in a interview in which his coach, Eddy Reynoso, was also present.

Let’s remember the luxurious gift that “El Canelo” gave to his first-born Emily Cinnamon

Recall the luxurious gift he gave to his first-born Emily Cinnamon
Photo: Instagram

It was through his Instagram account where the Mexican boxer shared before his millions of followers, the luxurious gift that Canelo Álvarez gave to his daughter Emily Cinnamon on her 16th birthday. It should be mentioned that the man from Guadalajara is one of the best athletes paid of the world.

It turns out that he gave her a gigantic bouquet of roses for her sweet 16 years that the young woman just turned, the Mexican boxer dedicated a few words to his ‘little one’ inside a paper that wrapped the flowers: “I love you my beautiful”, were the words that he placed on his other daughter that few know.

“El Canelo” denies alleged homosexuality

Denies alleged homosexuality
Photo: Instagram

It is clear that El Canelo is not homosexual, despite the criteria of his followers and the poses in which he appears in the photographs shown above, it is clarified that the Mexican boxer is not gay. Just post these photos as a thank you.

At first, he leaves kissing a man in the photograph but it is his brother, something that many members of a family usually show through this act a show of affection and affection, and in the most recent photograph he appears embracing showing a Immense gratitude on his face to Eddy Reynoso, boxing coach so no, Canelo is not gay. Filed Under: Suspicious Canelo Álvarez Photo.

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