“El Capi” Pérez pulled a lock from a beautiful driver and makes fun of her

The comedian Capi Pérez is one of the nicest of Tv Azteca who recently took advantage of the fact that one of her classmates was careless to play a prank on her and share it on her Instagram stories

It should be noted that one of the strongest pillars of the Venga la Alegría morning show is undoubtedly “El Capi” Pérez, who is responsible for filling the program with humor and make your colleagues feel comfortable day by day.

It is for this reason that his occurrences always attract attention and more when it involves other personalities, in this case, the comedian took on the task of pulling out a lock of hair from Kristal Silva, with whom he shares cameras.

The joke of “El Capi Pérez”

The joke of “El Capi Pérez”

Apparently, the driver did it in a very peculiar way: in the pure style of a brave bullfighter. Although this surprised the model first hand, it caused a lot of laughter afterwards.

It turns out that through his Instagram stories, “El Capi” Pérez appears taking Kristal Silva’s hair, then giving it a slight tug and seizing a large lock of her hair.

Although this is immediately seen as something false, the joke was excellent, since he set the recording to music with España Cañi by Pascual Marquina Narro.

The humorist did not utter a word, but wrote: “There was luck”, as if to imply that he beat his partner, who could be as brave as a fighting bull. Naturally, the fact that she teased him caught her attention, but realizing that he was recording her for a prank, he ended up bursting out laughing.

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Capi Pérez rips a lock from Kristal Silva

“El Capi” Pérez only limited himself to smiling and waving his huge lock of black hair up high as a symbol of victory, just as any renowned bullfighter would do after winning the animal’s ears or tail. The same recording of her was shared by her in her Instagram stories where she surely received many messages of affection.

It should be noted that earlier this month it was speculated that “El Capi” Pérez would be planning to leave Venga La Alegría, just as his former partner Cynthia Rodríguez did, because he was absent from the program for several days; He replied that he will be part of the morning, but he also attended a project that would be on the doorstep.

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