El Chapo Guzmán would have had this dinner for Christmas in a maximum security prison

The drug trafficker, former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) Joaquín “el Chapo” GuzmánHe would have had a simple 2021 Christmas dinner compared to what he must have been used to while being one of the most wanted organized crime bosses.

According to the TMZ portal, the maximum security prison where Chapo Guzmán is located, served as a Christmas menu Cornish hen with peanut butter cake for dessert, according to a note in which they mentioned other “notorious” inmates.

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For the third year in a row passed a raw and cold Night Good Y Christmas on the Maximum Security Prison (ADX or ADMAX, in English) located in Colorado, where he is serving a life sentence and where he has been locked up since July 2019.

Guzmán Loera has the right to one hour of exercise in the open air, in a fully fenced space, including the roof.

Amnesty International (AI) has described this prison as a complicated space for inmates.

“The cells have solid walls to prevent prisoners from seeing or having direct contact with those in adjacent cells,” said an Amnesty International report, “Buried. Heatstroke in federal prisons in the United States “, which adds that the doors have bars on the inside and a solid structure on the outside, which” aggravates the level of isolation. “

In addition, he only has the right to the visits of very few people, including his twin daughters, since the authorities even prohibited him from allowing his wife Emma Colonel I had contact with him before she was arrested this year.

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