El Chavo del 8: what was the job that Mr. Barriga had before the show

Édgar Vivar was the second actor that Chespirito hired for El Chavo del 8 (Photo: EFE) (Grupo Televisa/)

El Chavo del 8, a simple story that for more than 10 years enchanted Mexican and Latin American viewers, brought with him several of the most endearing characters that television has had.

La Chilindrina and her father, Don Ramón, delighted with their (im)perfect relationship. Quico and Doña Florinda caused some problems with the tenants of the neighborhood. How to forget Chavo, that little orphan who took shelter in the love of his neighbors.

However, among the most important one can also mention the Mr. Barriga, owner of the apartments where they all lived. Although sometimes he seemed the bad guy, because of the attitudes taken from him or the collection of rents, he also stole some hearts.

Édgar Vivar is the actor responsible for bringing this character to life, always dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase.. His time in the world of entertainment has been very prolific, as she has appeared in countless series and movies, such as The P. Luche Family, The orphanage, Blind Date, Minions Y score me a goal.

Although he is recognized for his roles, before joining this job, tHe had to make a difficult decision to know whether or not to leave his previous job.in which he also wanted to build a very successful career.

edgar vivar special
Édgar Vivar served as an obstetrician (Photo: Special)

He was born on December 28, 1948 in Mexico City. Although in 1964 He finished his studies as a theater actor at the Centro Universitario de Teatro (CUT) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), decided to study another career.

In this way he came to the Faculty of Medicine of the Maximum House of Studies to become a doctor. After finishing his degree and specializing as an obstetrician (he deals with pregnancy), he began to work in the health sector.

However, a short time later, Roberto Gomez Bolanos Chespiritolooked for him to talk about the project he was about to launch, called El Chavo del 8. He immediately accepted and became the second actor hired for the show, since the first was Florinda Meza.

In an interview he gave to CNN In 2014, Vivar recalled that his arrival in acting also surprised him, since he was always a fan of watching movies, but despite her studies in theater, she never realized her acting talent.

“Drop into acting was a fortuitous way. I had never realized that he had talent as an actor. I was a good armchair movie buff, but I never thought I was going to dedicate myself to this. My mission and vision in life was to be a doctor,” he stated.

Ramón Valdés and Édgar Vivar maintained a very close friendship (Photo: Special)
Ramón Valdés and Édgar Vivar maintained a very close friendship (Photo: Special)

About his years as Mr. Barriga, he acknowledged during a meeting with Infobae Mexico that always considered Ramón Valdés for a long time already Chespirito like two of his best friendswith whom he lived everything during their lives.

With the actor who played Don Ramón he always had a closer friendship “I miss that a lot, especially because how did i get on with Mr Ramonhe was very witty, he was my neighbor, he always made me laugh with very simple phrases“, He said.

In addition, he recalled the way in which they accompanied each other in the death of Germán Valdés Tin Tan. He said that it was a very painful process for his younger brother (Ramón Valdés), who she didn’t cry at the time, but when a while passed she burst into tears and Édgar Vivar was by his side, supporting him.

Finally, the most discreet relationship was with Angelines Fernández, the Witch of 71, but it was not intentional, since the actress she was very reserved, an attitude that she always understood due to the difficult moments she experienced during her youthlike her time as a guerrilla during the Franco dictatorship in Spain.


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