El Dasa: His twins were already born

El Dasa: His twins were already born

The Dasa.

Photo: El Dasa / Courtesy

A few days after announcing it at a concert, the El Dasa twins were born. The singer himself revealed it through his social networks, and even shared the face that causes him to be the father of three now!

A few days ago the singer surprised us with the news that he would be a father again, and that he was expecting two babies, What we never imagined is that the information would actually be days after birth.

In the best style of Carlos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon, who also counted that they were expecting a baby with 8 months of pregnancy, El Dasa continued with its tradition of keeping his private life like this: very private.

“Habemus twins !!”the singer wrote, and also shared that the twins are a boy and a girl. And until the child is older by two minutes, since he was born at 5:18 on Wednesday, August 4, and the doll at 5:20.

So El Dasa confirmed that his twins were born
Thus El Dasa confirmed that his twins were born. Photo: El Dasa / Instastory

Dasa also confirmed that both babies like her partner, Jenny Loya, are in perfect health and he even dedicated a few words to the mother of his now 3 children: “You are very brave”.

The babies, of those who have not yet revealed the name, they come to complete the family and accompany their older sister, Daryana Marie, who is already 2 years old and, due to the little that the singer has shared in his networks, is very restless and very affectionate.

Dasa broke the news last week in the middle of a concert with these words: “In the next ten days, I’m going to become a dad for the second time“, Provoking the shouts of happiness from those present.

Not only that, he even sent a message to television shows and entertainment media saying:

So all the gossip shows and everyone that is filming, yes it’s true, El Dasa is going to have twins“The singer from Hermosillo, Sonora, proudly reported.

Of course, we do not know if we will soon see their faces, or at least a little foot or a little hand as famous people are used to.

Although maybe we will hear all the details of this stage in his weekly Podcast called ‘El Dasa: Ánimo que si se posible!’.

Congratulations to the singer and his cute family now 5!


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