The tragic death of Humberto López Cabezas, AKA “El Panther,” a regional leader of CJNG

Humberto López Cabezas, alias "El Panther", was found hanged in his cell, although homicide has not been ruled out

Just over two months ago, the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG) received a major blow when the regional leader of Uruapan, Michoacan, was arrested by elements of the Mexican Army and the National Guard. Humberto López Cabezas, or Diego Armando Pantoja Infante, alias “El Panther,” was found dead inside his cell.

The lieutenant of the four-letter cartel was arrested on December 4, between the towns of Matanguarán and Cutzato, in a wooded area where a camp with armed people was located. There they seized a .50 caliber Barret anti-aircraft rifle, eight assault rifles, a grenade launcher, three .40 caliber grenades, four bulletproof vests, two tactical helmets, magazines, and useful cartridges.

The 43-year-old criminal was sent to the prison located in the municipality of Charo, Michoacan. Still, weeks later, on January 23, he was sent to the prison in the municipality of La Piedad.

According to official information, that was his final resting place, as he was recently found hanged. According to initial reports, “El Panther” tied himself to his cell with a rope. Although he apparently committed suicide, local media report that due to the way he was found, it could be a murder.

Al Panther is linked to the Delta Group, a cell linked to the CJNG. His capture happened a day after several disturbances were registered in Uruapan. Several transport units were burned on that occasion, which caused a strong police mobilization.

The group was attributed to actions such as murders, disappearances, road blockades, and the burning of vehicles. In addition, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office (FGR) also issued an arrest warrant for aggravated kidnapping. The Mexican officials accused him of drug trafficking in the region and ordering extortion of avocado growers.

Authorities revealed that the capo and his group were linked to the murder of 16 people in the Uruapan region, in addition to confrontations against the Carteles Unidos criminal group.