El Salvador Vs Mexico: Hexagonal match ends

  • Finish the match El Salvador Vs Mexico
  • The actions were carried out at the Cuscatlán Stadium
  • El Tri prevails over Hugo Pérez’s pupils

El Salvador Vs Mexico. The soccer qualifiers for going to the Qatar 2022 World Cup in the CONCACAF area have become quite even, since any team can qualify for this much-desired World Cup tournament. So far the Mexican team is at the top, but the other teams are nowhere near.

On this occasion, the Mexicans face El Salvador at the Cuscatlán stadium, a field in which those led by Tata Martino are normally difficult, although they have achieved important victories, the Salvadorans are a rather complicated team.

The Mexican team gets all three points

El Salvador Vs Mexico

A fairly even match El Tri manages to achieve a tight victory of two goals to zero playing as a visitor, those led by the Argentine Gerardo Martino cannot convince the fans, due to his team does not shine on the field of play, despite having obtained the victory

A penalty in the last minutes of the match, the Mexican footballer Raúl Jiménez scored the second for the Aztecs, who took the three quite important points to be placed as leaders of the table with 14 points in the CONCACAF zone. Below them is the United States nowhere to be seen.

El Salvador Vs Mexico: First half

El Salvador Vs Mexico: First half

The first 45 minutes was a fairly tight match where both teams had their chances in front of the enemy goal. Luck did not accompany El Salvador, since the ball could not enter the net, despite the opportunities they had to beat the tricolor goalkeeper.

For its part, Mexico took advantage of its only opportunity, despite the injury of Chivas striker Alexis Vega, who could no longer enter the field again. In a corner kick from Tecatito Corona, central Héctor Moreno at minute 30 with a strong header put the Mexican team ahead.

El Salvador Vs Mexico: Tri against rotations with El Salvador

El Salvador Vs Mexico: Tri before rotations with El Salvador
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After recognizing the field of the Cuscatlán Stadium, the coach of the Mexican National Team, Gerardo ‘El Tata’ Martino, analyzed rotations for the first of the three brave matches with which the Tri It closes in 2021. According to the Reform Agency, the helmsman did not think about possible changes due to the rigidity with which it is usually played in San Salvador, but because of the bustle that several footballers already drag.

“When you play a soccer game, the circumstances that may occur in terms of injuries, blows, are permanently in force. One had a very important injury in the Gold Cup (Hirving Lozano), another in the Premier (Raúl Jiménez), these types of contingencies occur for any soccer player, it does not have to do exclusively with playing in El Salvador, in Central America or any League of Europe, we quote players with the idea that they play.

El Salvador Vs Mexico: ‘Tata’ Martino worried about injuries

El Salvador Vs Mexico: 'Tata' Martino worried about injuries
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“But we do address another issue that is physical, the continuity of matches and their proximity, if one thinks exclusively of the National Team, in six days three matches are played plus the long trip plus participation in their clubs,” Gerardo mentioned Martino, the manager of Tri.

As Martino himself reported since last Sunday, neither the injured Jorge Sánchez nor the suspended César Montes traveled to El Salvador. Henry Martín is already recovered from his ailments. “It is something that we take into account, what happens not only now, what has happened with us in the National Team, but also the continuity that they have had in their clubs. Perhaps the situation of Gallardo or Edson is not the same as that of Herrera and Lozano. Raúl has had continuity in his club and has played almost every minute here, we appeal not only to the scientific part, but to get closer to the player and see how they feel, “he insisted.

El Salvador Vs Mexico: Pressure for the locality

El Salvador Vs Mexico: Pressure for the locality
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Mexico arrived at its destination around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. At 7:00 p.m., the team was already on the Cuscatlán field. This logistics was chosen because the proximity of matches forced efforts to focus on the recovery of players rather than on fieldwork. La Selecta have not lost at home so far in the Eliminatory.

“This is the great difference to face a Selection in the Gold Cup to Eliminatory, the role that the home team plays, El Salvador makes it count and it is an issue that must be paid attention to. A similar team, aggressive, with good dynamics, that seeks associations, in the Playoffs at some point we have seen it play more long balls and not play from below, but the most important features continue to support them ”, he mentioned.

El Salvador Vs Mexico: Salvadoran fans cause total chaos in the serenade Al Tri

Salvadoran fans cause total chaos in the serenade Al Tri

They arrived at 8:30 p.m., San Salvador time, 9:30 p.m. Mexico City time. They were just a handful of Salvadorans, no more than 12, but they threatened to make noise. They started with Las Mañanitas, they would end with “Hijos de pu…”. And more and more came. Around 200 people arrived at the hotel where the Mexican National Team gathered before the match against El Salvador and for four hours they made a scandal, sang, danced, lit fireworks, ran into the avenues, interrupted traffic, insulted with the intention that the players did not sleep.

And the reality is that the selected ones hardly realized all the scandal that was outside. The police little by little made themselves present, but from a distance, nobody approached the epicenter, nobody helped the cars to pass, nobody rebuked them when the rockets caused a great noise and threatened the integrity of men, women and children who they danced in the avenues wrapped in hubbub.

El Salvador media incite violence against El Tri


The Mexican National Team visited the Cuscatlán Stadium on Wednesday night before taking on its counterpart from El Salvador on the sixth day of the Concacaf Octagonal. In this headquarters there is usually a hostile environment against the national group. From hours before the match, the Salvadoran fans were in charge of holding serenades at the El Tri concentration hotel to keep the players from sleeping.

The media also played their game. For example, the newspaper “El Gráfico” put on its cover an image from the series “El Juego del Calamar” represented with the doll from the game “Luz Verde, Luz Roja”, with the headline “We Wait”. The message is clear when inciting violence against the Mexican National Team for tonight’s game, where the understanding of soccer in this part of Central America deviates from what a tie for a World Cup is really about. Filed Under: El Salvador Vs Mexico

Mexico is worth 50 times more than El Salvador


The distances are not shortened at Concacaf, at least economically. The squad of the Mexican National Team is worth almost 50 times more than its rival in turn, El Salvador, which it visits today at the Cuscatlán Stadium in the sixth Octagonal game heading to Qatar 2022. The Mexican squad summoned to this FIFA Date has a value total of 221 million 300 thousand euros, while the Salvadoran of 4 million 450 thousand euros, according to the Transfermarkt portal.

Uriel Antuna (4.45 million euros) alone is worth more than all of La Selecta. The most expensive player in the current Tricolor squad is Hirving Lozano (from Napoli), valued at 45 million euros. The Salvadoran Alex Roldán (of the Seattle Sounders) is the most expensive of the opponents, with a price of 1 million euros. Filed Under: El Salvador Vs Mexico

The cheapest Mexican is more expensive than any Salvadoran


The cheapest Mexican footballer is Alfredo Talavera, 39 years old and with a price of 800 thousand euros, above any of the other summoned from the Central American team. The difference in economics, which usually goes hand in hand with sports, is reflected in the distance between both teams in the current qualifier: Mexico leads Cuscatlán as leader of the Octagonal, with 11 points, six more than El Salvador.

However, this is usually the most complicated visit to Central America. The pressure of the people, the field of play and the good treatment of the ball by the Salvadoran team increase the complexity for today’s game. This is the first of three visits to Mexico this year in the World Cup Qualifying. In November he will face the United States and Canada. Filed Under: El Salvador Vs Mexico

Not so complicated


The Cuscatlán Stadium has always been tough, but Mexico managed to make it out alive on its last two visits. On June 12, 2012, Mexico appealed to hot blood to leave Cuscatlán with the three points. The courage of Carlos Salcido, Francisco Javier Rodríguez, Jorge Torres Nilo, Édgar Andrade and Ángel Reyna stood out, almost as much as the authors of the goals, Jesús Zavala and Héctor Moreno, in one more of those tough, rocky matches, in which the Good football is not enough if it is not accompanied by a good dose of courage.

On September 2, 2016, Mexico visited the Cuscatlán Stadium already qualified for the Hexagonal, although they arrived at the match full of pressure.
That was the first game after the humiliating defeat in the Copa América Centenario, 7-0 against Chile, so a victory was necessary to alleviate the tension that weighed on the squad and Juan Carlos Osorio. Héctor Moreno, Ángel Sepúlveda and Raúl Jiménez scored, this from a penalty. Filed Under: El Salvador Vs Mexico