El Soyate the paradise of Flor Silvestre and Antonio Aguilar where they enjoyed every corner

Wild flower She was one of the greatest exponents of regional Mexican music, and when she retired, her children continued the tradition of singing in jaripeos, while she sometimes enjoyed her ranch. The Soyateif she did not go with them on tour, although she liked being in that place better, since it reminded her of her husband Antonio Aguilar.

For those who do not know, El Soyate is located in Zacatecas and this farm has a very great sentimental value for the Aguilar family, since it was the place of rest, in addition to family gatherings where the whole family met, as if that were not enough Flor Silvestre he spent the last years of his life enjoying the quiet place.

The huge place has everything a ranch could need, from its stables for raising its thoroughbred horses, as well as giant acres for them to ride on, which are part of the property that the Aguilars acquired several years ago.

A huge office is the first thing that can be seen at one of the entrances to the ranch, where Antonio Aguilar was in charge of receiving anyone, in this you can see souvenir photos, hats and some awards that were given to both he like Flor Silvestre.

Inside you can see huge corridors with quarry pillars with the image of a flower which Antonio Aguilar put in honor of the mother of his children, from a huge fountain which is in the central part of the ranch, even in the windows and tickets you can see the beautiful symbol of love.

Many plants are part of some of the Soyate paths, since Flor Silvestre loved green areas, so you can see planters full of green foliage which are maintained by Antonio Aguilar’s collaborators, since that is what he told their workers.

As there were always guests in every corner of the extensive corridors, several garden rooms can be seen so that no one will be left standing, because comfort was always paramount for the guests of the most popular dynasty in Mexico and the United States.

The floor is somewhat country-like because it is brown giving it that rustic touch of comfort, in addition to having several cages with different birds, because the couple really liked listening to the sound very early in the morning.

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