José Mauricio, AKA El Tomate, notorious hitman and founder of Tepito Union arrested in a Mexico City drug bust

The capture of José Mauricio "N" was carried out in a property in the Miguel Hidalgo district of the CDMX.

Mexico City authorities conducted a search that resulted in the arrest of José Mauricio “N,” alias El Tomate, identified by the Mexico City District Attorney’s Office as a possible hitman and member of the criminal group Unión Tepito.

In the place that was searched by the authorities, drug dealing activities were being carried out, so surveillance was carried out, and evidence was obtained to request a search of a property in the Miguel Hidalgo district.

It should be noted that the seizure of this individual was carried out during the early hours of Thursday, March 23, by members of the Investigation Police (PDI) and that “considerable” quantities of possible drugs were found at the place, according to the institution’s spokesman Ulises Lara López.

Similarly, El Tomate would be linked to the massacre in Plaza Garibaldi, where six people died in September 2018. Likewise, the journalist specializing in security issues, Carlos Jiménez, reported that this person would be one of the founders of the Tepito Union.

In the place where José Mauricio “N” was secured, there were 700 doses of possible cocaine, around 400 grams of the same substance, and 387 doses of a green vegetable with the characteristics of marijuana.

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