El Yaki Announces He Is Expecting Twin Girls with His Girlfriend

El Yaki unexpectedly reveals to his followers that he will become the father of twins, and his compadre Eduin Caz has already reacted to the news.

The 34-year-old artist’s declaration about his girlfriend’s pregnancy was made a couple of weeks ago, captivating his followers. But the revelation that they are expecting twins, especially twin girls, added an extra layer of excitement to the news.

In a touching video post on Instagram, El Yaki couldn’t hide his joy. He shared, “There is no doubt that God always gives you what your heart needs… and since always since I have use of reason the times I got to imagine on the day that I would be a dad always, I always thought of a girl! and as God is so noble and kind, not only sent me one, but two… a double blessing in my life!” This sentiment underscores his long-held dream of fatherhood, now coming true in a special way.

El Yaki (@elyakioficial / Instagram).
El Yaki (@elyakioficial / Instagram).

Celebratory Reactions from Friends and Fans

As the news broke out, El Yaki’s social networks were flooded with messages of support and congratulations. Among the well-wishers was his close friend and compadre, Eduin Caz, a 29-year-old musician. Caz expressed his elation, commenting, “We’re already waiting for you compadre to give you a hug, we love you very much.”

This friendship between El Yaki and Eduin Caz blossomed following a meeting in the United States during a Grupo Firme tour. Despite El Yaki’s initial unawareness of Grupo Firme’s social media influence, his connection with Eduin Caz quickly grew into a deep brotherhood.

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Reflections on Fatherhood and Future

El Yaki’s journey towards fatherhood has been a central theme in his life. The news of twins signifies a new chapter and a fulfillment of his long-standing desire to be a father. His fans, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the twins, are sharing in his joy and excitement.

Through his announcement and subsequent posts, El Yaki has shown a tender side, revealing his deep gratitude for this “double blessing.” As he and his girlfriend prepare for the arrival of their daughters, the singer’s life is set to be enriched in immeasurable ways.

Eduin Caz reacts to the happy news of the paternity of his compadre El Yaki (elyakioficial / Instagram @elyakioficial)
Eduin Caz reacts to the happy news of the paternity of his compadre El Yaki (elyakioficial / Instagram @elyakioficial)