Elderly woman allegedly beaten for over-salting rice ignites public outrage on TikTok

Millions react to harrowing tales of domestic violence; challenge unresponsive authorities' actions.

An elderly woman who has not been identified was allegedly beaten by her husband for putting too much salt in her rice, according to a video posted on the TikTok social network.

“Her husband beat her because she put too much salt in the rice,” highlights the video shared on TikTok through the account @merlymasyas.

In the images, the elderly woman is seen crying with blows on her face while talking to another woman wearing a blue t-shirt who works in the government.

The rice is too salty.

The alleged victim reportedly said her husband beat her because “she overdid his rice.”

“Violence has no age limit. Let’s break the silence,” wrote the woman who publicized the case.

The video has caused outrage among Internet users to see the old woman beaten, and they question why she is suffering violence in her home. In addition, they demand justice for the old woman.

The video was posted by a user, Marce, who claims that the facts were recorded in Peru.

The case causes outrage on TikTok.

“How many years of suffering will this grandmother not carry? My God and where are her children who do not see the mommy,” are some comments that can be read on TikTok.

“What a regret if it was that. I do not want to imagine how long she has been suffering. Noooo, it’s no longer for her to be suffering. Where are the children to defend her?” wrote other Internet users.

The creator of the content assured that the woman did not have children.

The video has more than 1.4 million views and thousands of comments.

According to the user who revealed the video, the authorities did not help the woman much since they sent her back home with her husband.