Eleazar Gómez causes controversy by sending greetings to Danna Paola

eleazar gomez caused controversy on social networks due to the statements he made in a recent meeting he had with the media. However, the detail that caught the attention is that he had no regrets in send a greeting to Danna Paola.

After spending three months in prison for physically assaulting Tefi Valenzuela, the actor is working on his return to show business, which is why he was asked if he would be willing to work with those who were his partners in the telenovela ‘Atrévete a Soñar’.

“I haven’t seen them for a long time, I send a big hello to both of them, but I haven’t had contact for a long time, but if it were to happen for situations like the one we are meeting today, of course it would,” he said. also a singer, who has been said to have trouble finding work because of his criminal past.

He says no to love but yes to family

The former prisoner also assures that at the moment he has no interest in love.

On the other hand, Zoraida Gómez’s brother pointed out that at the moment he is not interested in love, but that does not rule out the idea that in the future he will be encouraged to start a family with the woman he considers ideal.

“Right now I’m not in a romantic relationship and I’m not thinking about whether I’m going to have a romantic relationship soon or not, it’s not in my plans… As for a family, well, the fact that I want to start a family of my own that’s not a secret”, added the interpreter of ‘You can’t forget me’.

What did Eleazar Gómez do to Danna Paola?

AmericanPost.News You mentioned earlier that Danna Paola and Eleazar Gómez had a very toxic relationship, which came to insults. According to information circulating on the Internet, both began their romance in 2010, the year in which they worked together for the telenovela “Dare to Dream” and when she was barely 14 years old.

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