Elections 2022: These are the social programs that Mara Lezama would apply in Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo.- Maria Elena Hermelinda Lezama Espinosa, communicator, journalist, politician and current Morenista candidate for the governorship of Quintana Roo, known as Mara Lezama, recently shared the pillars of its public policies regarding social welfare.

Through social networks he shared superficially part of his welfare program with the following proposals, create a basic basket system at preferential prices, provide support to families in vulnerable situations, integrate the state network of community kitchens, as well as operate the support program for school kitchens.

The woman from Quintana Roo also received proposals in person from more than a thousand women, who participated in 12 forums held in Chetumal, Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Cozumel.

The purpose of the forums was to collect a set of public policy proposals that could be implemented in the state for the benefit of the women’s welfare Quintana Roo

The proposals include a network of child care centers, loans for entrepreneurs, food support for children of single mothers,

“We will generate public policies and programs that encourage the creation of women’s businesses,” said Lezama

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Lezama Espinosa has enabled a tool on its website that allows the citizens of Quintana Roo to share files containing proposals, initiatives and suggestions for their government program. He has shared more than once that “we will be an open government in which all voices will be heard and taken into account.”