Elections 2022. “We were clear sellers in the debate”: Alejandro Avilés Álvarez

Oaxaca de Juárez.- The contender for the PRI-PRD coalition in Oaxaca, Alejandro Aviles Alvarezdeclared himself the clear winner of the debate organized by the State Electoral Institute towards the election for the state governorship.

“In this election it is at stake the future of Oaxaca, I know that I am counting on you and your vote to advance towards the path of progress and development for Oaxaca”, he commented at the end of the event.

One of his proposals was to guarantee a special fund for the development of indigenous and Afro-Mexican communities so that they can have the necessary infrastructure that their urgent development demands.

“We will invest in community programs and we will create subsidy programs of 30 percent in the payment of electricity and LP gas for high and very high marginalization homes. I will fight for the recognition and respect of the traditions and customs of the indigenous and Afro-Mexican peoples, to preserve their culture, language and traditions” he said in his speech.

One of the messages that caused the greatest stir was the announcement of the ban on forced marriage and the necessary investment for the training of interpreters in the spaces of administration of justice, thus ensuring that there will never again be an iindigenous unjustly imprisoned in the state of Oaxaca.

Regarding transparency, Avilés Álvarez affirmed that he will strengthen the organizations in charge of monitoring the use of resources by Oaxacans, so that all citizens are clear about where they are going. each weight that you contribute as a taxpayer.

“The Consultative Council will be inclusive and will design the government program and public policies for all government areas, so that the results are evaluated; while the Social Comptroller will monitor all processes related to the state government budget, payments to suppliers and public tenders, in such a way that accountability and transparency are a daily exercise and allow the construction of an honest government are the two great pillars”, he stressed.

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To conclude, he addressed the groups that call for greater gender parity in working life and in particular in public administration. The PRI candidate affirmed that, once governor, there will be a considerable number of women in the Criminal Justice System, agents of the public ministry and police officers who ensure the safety of Oaxacan women and that power, law enforcement, crime prevention and transparency be exercised from a more active participation of Oaxacan women.