Eleven members of Los Pecha arrested, marking a significant blow to Toluca Valley crime

Los Pecha, their ties to recent violent events, and a power struggle in Toluca Valley between them, CJNG, and Familia Michoacana.

In the Toluca Valley, located in the State of Mexico, three crime syndicates have been identified as the major sources of violence. The Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG) and the Familia Michoacana were known entities in the area. However, the authorities in the State of Mexico recently confirmed the arrest of 11 individuals, identified as members of a group named “Pecha.”

It’s important to note that on July 19th, authorities disclosed the presence of three organized crime groups, though they kept the name of the third criminal cell under wraps. The State of Mexico’s Secretary of Security, Rodrigo Martinez-Celis Wogau, revealed that these three entities are the principal instigators of violence in the Valley of Mexico.

“We currently have around 16 arrests, alleged to be the culprits from the three distinct cells generating issues in the Toluca Valley,” Martinez-Celis Wogau assured the public that these three criminal groups are now weakened.

The arrest of presumed Los Pecha members

A total of 11 people have been arrested and are allegedly members of "Los Pecha".
(Photo: FGJEM)
A total of 11 people have been arrested and are allegedly members of “Los Pecha” (Photo: FGJEM).

It was not until Tuesday, July 25, that the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (Fiscalía General de Justicia del Edomex – FGJEM) announced the arrest of 11 individuals, identified as supposed members of the Pecha criminal cell.

Sources speaking to Infobae Mexico have indicated that this is the unmentioned crime group, which was left unnamed a few days ago, alongside the Cartel of the Four Letters and the Familia Michoacana. This is the third crime syndicate in operation within the Toluca Valley.

The official statement reveals that the Pecha criminal cell is under investigation for an array of high-impact crimes, including drug trafficking, kidnapping, homicide, extortion, and more. The group is also implicated in the recovery of the human remains of two individuals and two messages in Toluca and San Mateo Atenco.

Recently arrested individuals include Jose Raymundo “N”, 21, Daniel “N”, 27, and Vanessa “N”, 26. They have been sentenced to trial, along with two minors. The press release noted their association with a criminal group originating from Michoacan that had recruited them.

Among the six other detainees is the alleged group leader, Ernesto “N”, who also goes by the name Winnie and/or Comandante Santana. The remaining members arrested are Miguel “N”, Karen Abinai “N”, Adriana “N”, Gustavo “N” (known as Gustavito), and Erick “N”, who is also called Cachango.

Arrests of alleged Familia Michoacana members

It is noteworthy that during President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s morning conference on Tuesday 25, it was announced that six individuals were detained and recognized as probable members of the Familia Michoacana. These arrests are the same as those reported by the State of Mexico’s authorities.

Six of the 11 detained were allegedly members of the Familia Michoacana. 
(Photo: Twitter/@Luis_R_Bucio)
Six of the 11 detainees are allegedly members of the Familia Michoacana (Photo: Twitter/@Luis_R_Bucio)

According to the data shared by Undersecretary of Security, Luis Rodríguez Bucio, the detainees are associated with the Familia Michoacana. However, state authorities in Mexico are linking them to Los Pecha. At present, the relationship between these criminal organizations, if one exists, is unknown.

The prosecutor’s office report from the state noted that the six arrested were in possession of long and short firearms, magazines, and packages of marijuana.

“The criminal cell with which the 11 arrested individuals are allegedly affiliated would have perpetrated events in the past fortnight in which human remains were displayed with accompanying banners and threatening messages in Toluca and surrounding municipalities. These acts stem from a conflict for control of illegal activities in the area between the alias ‘Pecha’ and Yamin “N”, alias ‘Chino’,” read the official report from the FGJEM.