Elías Montalvo is upset with a follower who asked him about his ‘orientation’: “Write to me privately and I’ll tell you”

Elijah Montalvo He finally referred to his sexual orientation, after rumors that linked him romantically with the producer of This is War, Peter Fajardo. The reality boy opened a round of questions on his Instagram stories and was consulted on the subject.

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At first, the tiktoker was uncomfortable with a follower who asked him ‘Are you or are you not?’ “Really, this question, this joke … I don’t know what they call it, It’s gone out of style, and if you want to write to me privately and I’ll tell you, what’s more, I’m going to label you so that people know “he said indignantly.

However, later another of his fans referred to the matter but in a more respectful way, which caused Elías to answer him in the same way. “Bro, with a lot of respect why don’t you talk about your sexual orientation?”he consulted him.

“With much respect I will answer you and then nothing, I have no problem with that, but I think that for me it is not the time to speak about that so I also think that should be respected, I don’t like to talk a lot about my private life“The reality boy replied. Also, he indicated that his followers will be the first to know when he is dating someone.

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Another follower of Elijah Montalvo He asked him if he was willing to fall in love in 2022 and the tiktoker was open to the possibility and even slipped that his heart could already have an owner. “I am ready for anything, I never close myself to anything, and if I have to fall in love this 2022, I fall in love, or maybe … I’m already in lovehe indicated.


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