Elio Roca, famous Argentine singer of romantic music, dies

Roberto Bracone, better known as Elio Roca, died last Sunday, December 19, at 78 years of age, in the Chaco hospital, he was a famous Argentine singer, actor, businessman and politician.

The famous man had great recognition as a singer in the 70s, 80s and 90s. So far the exact cause of death is unknown, although it was revealed to AmericanPost.News that about a month ago he had spinal surgery, in addition, his clinical picture was complicated in recent days, which is believed to be what led to his regrettable demise.

Among the singer’s successes are: “I want to draw you ‘,’ No one can judge me ‘and’ How I wish your love ‘, he not only stood out as a singer, but also as an actor, as participated in at least five films, He also won 20 awards and had his own television show.

What happened to the singer Elio Roca?

The actor passed away at the age of 78

The singer, who was also a distinguished actor and businessman, died on Sunday, December 19 at the age of 78 after present health complications, one month after being operated on the spine.

After being notified about the death of the singer, through social networks hundreds of people expressed their condolences indicating that it had been “a sad Sunday for music” and also notified about the death of Carlos Marín, a member of the group II Divo, who was 53 years old.

Who sings I need you so much love I need you?

It is the singer Elio Roca, who he performed the song “I need you so much love”. The famous one released his debut album, Bella, bionda, Carina, in 1965. He was known for the singles “How I want to be your love” and “I want to draw you.”

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